Xinfin Network All Set to Launch the Much-awaited Andromeda Upgrade

Xinfin Network All Set to Launch the Much-awaited Andromeda Upgrade

The Andromeda Upgrade of the Xinfin Network is ready to go. On December 1, 2021, the XDC Network will debut its XDPoS consensus protocol at block 38383838 as per the estimated target time on The Apothem network’s protocol team tested the upgrade on the Testnet, and this improvement will enhance XinFin’s Mainnet. XinFin XDC […]

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XinFin XDC Network has Successfully Launched a Futuristic Andromeda Upgrade

XinFin is one of the most popular networks with millions of users connected all over the world. Its native major upgrade has gone live. XDC token ranks as the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the marketplace till today. With such popularity in the market, XinFin XDC Network was proudly released on 2nd December 2021. The XDC network successfully launched its delegated XDPoS consensus protocol at block number 38383838. The network thanked community members for their support to update to the current version. Congratulations @XinFin_Official community.🎉 “Andromeda” XDPoS upgrade....

Travala Welcomes Payments through XDC, being the most epic online travel agency to accept cryptocurrency as one of its payment modes, now integrates payments through XDC token. This news has just been released officially citing the partnership between Travala and XinFin(XDC) network. The XinFin is based on its XDPoS network which is indeed powered by XDC protocol. XinFin network’s […]

Second Year Anniversary of Successful XinFin Mainnet Launch

XinFin has rolled out stupendously after its Mainnet launch on June 01, 2019. Notably, it’s been two years since its mainnet launch.  With the mainnet launch, XDCe has been swapped to XDC token. It is expected the trading volume to go high with the conversion. According to CoinGecko, the XDC price is $0.058 with a […]

Flare Finance Announces Partnership with XinFin Network

Flare Finance has announced a partnership with XinFin Network which could be one of the most significant events of crypto space in 2021. While a lot has been spoken about interoperability and bridging communities, Flare Finance is on the way to becoming the epicentre of communities. With this partnership, Flare Finance and XinFin Network would […]

More Than 1.7k Smart Contracts Landed on XinFin XDC Network

Development on the XinFin XDC network has seen the platform register a record growth, with the new smart contracts feature continuing to attract more developers. The increasing number of smart contracts on XDC Network validate that the network will likely emerge as a significant competitor to Ethereum, dominating the space. XDC Network is fully Ethereum […]