Coinbase warns users of connectivity issues due to Amazon AWS outage

Coinbase warns users of connectivity issues due to Amazon AWS outage

The U.S.-based exchange has told users that they may experience some intermittent delays or errors while transacting. Major United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is experiencing “elevated error rates on some backend systems due to an AWS service outage" according to an official post on Nov. 25 shortly after 7:00 pm PST.In an announcement, posted nine hours prior, Coinbase said that trading was not being impacted at the time. The following update removed this statement, stating:"You may encounter intermittent delays or errors while transacting, as well as accessing other....

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Coinbase Suffers ‘Connectivity Issues’ Again as Bitcoin Hits Another Record

Leading U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is suffering connectivity issues for the second consecutive day amid bitcoin’s parabolic price rally. The story is developing and will be updated as more information is available.

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Bitstamp API Outage Causes Coinbase Trading Halt

An API outage at Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp is apparently causing a halt of some services at Coinbase, a service that allows its users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin without the need to sign up for an exchange. Coinbase acquires its bitcoins from exchanges like Bitstamp, and when they don't have Bitcoin to buy, you can almost bet they will not have Bitcoin to sell. No word yet on just when the Bitstamp API outage is to be cleared, but when it is, Coinbase purchasing is likely to resume shortly thereafter.

Amazon Web Service Outage Shows Need for Decentralized Cloud Computing

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to fix a typo. The original text stated that there was a rise in errors for Amazon S2 requests. The corrected text states that it was Amazon S3. This morning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) underwent a major cloud outage, causing both its Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service solutions to receive many request errors in the United States. AWS is a cloud computing solutions provider ran by Amazon, a company most known for its large online retail network.