Analyst: Bitcoin Approaches “Critical Intersection Of Macro Support”

Analyst: Bitcoin Approaches “Critical Intersection Of Macro Support”

Bitcoin fast approaching towards a critical intersection of macro support, according to a crypto analyst. Critical Intersection Of Macro Support As pointed out by a Bitcoin analyst on Twitter, the cryptocurrency is coming closer to an intersection with a macro support curve. BTC macro support curve | Source: TheCryptoCactus The above chart showcases how Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin has pushed seriously higher over the past few days despite some mixed performance in the S&P 500. The leading cryptocurrency is up around $2,000 over the past seven days, having rallied as high as $13,250 after bottoming at $11,200 last Thursday. Prominent macro analyst Raoul Pal expects that BTC will continue to outperform other macro markets in the future. Bitcoin to Decouple from S&P 500, Dollar: Prominent Macro Analyst Pal recently went as far […]

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Bitcoin has been the best-performing macro asset of 2020. Dan Tapiero, a prominent macro investor and a co-founder of firms like 10T Holdings and Gold Bullion Int., thinks this will continue. He said that he can’t imagine a world where “the coin doesn’t outperform all other assets.” Bitcoin Could Be the Best Performing Asset Moving Forward, Says Macro Analyst Bitcoin has surged over 60% in the past month alone. The leading cryptocurrency has rocketed from […]

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BTC price fell below $38,000 as tech stocks sold off and traders cautiously watched to see if Bitcoin can hold its “macro level support” zone. The cryptocurrency market and wider global financial markets fell under pressure on April 26 after the hype surrounding Elon Musk buying Twitter began to fade, and concerns about the state of the global economy took the forefront again.Tech-related stocks were some of the hardest-hit assets on Tuesday and this pullback was followed by sharp declines in crypto prices as risk assets become persona non grata in these turbulent markets. Data from....

Bitcoin May Need “Life Support” as Bulls Try to Defend Key Support

Bitcoin’s price action has been rather lackluster as of late, with sellers forcing the crypto back below $19,000 as it struggles to gain any clear momentum in either direction. This price action has been surprising considering the macro strength incurred due to the recent multi-week uptrend, but it does seem as though serious upside could […]

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Bitcoin’s price action as of late has been driven by a combination of recent news developments, jitters within the macro-economic environment, as well as technical weakness. That being said, these factors have not been enough to push the benchmark cryptocurrency below any crucial support levels, as it is still trading within the macro trading range […]