Macro Analyst “Can’t Imagine” Bitcoin Not Outperforming All Other  Assets

Macro Analyst “Can’t Imagine” Bitcoin Not Outperforming All Other Assets

Bitcoin has been the best-performing macro asset of 2020. Dan Tapiero, a prominent macro investor and a co-founder of firms like 10T Holdings and Gold Bullion Int., thinks this will continue. He said that he can’t imagine a world where “the coin doesn’t outperform all other assets.” Bitcoin Could Be the Best Performing Asset Moving Forward, Says Macro Analyst Bitcoin has surged over 60% in the past month alone. The leading cryptocurrency has rocketed from […]

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Analyst: Bitcoin Approaches “Critical Intersection Of Macro Support”

Bitcoin fast approaching towards a critical intersection of macro support, according to a crypto analyst. Critical Intersection Of Macro Support As pointed out by a Bitcoin analyst on Twitter, the cryptocurrency is coming closer to an intersection with a macro support curve. BTC macro support curve | Source: TheCryptoCactus The above chart showcases how Bitcoin […]

Top Macro Investor Expects Bitcoin-S&P 500 Correlation to Break Down

Bitcoin has pushed seriously higher over the past few days despite some mixed performance in the S&P 500. The leading cryptocurrency is up around $2,000 over the past seven days, having rallied as high as $13,250 after bottoming at $11,200 last Thursday. Prominent macro analyst Raoul Pal expects that BTC will continue to outperform other macro markets in the future. Bitcoin to Decouple from S&P 500, Dollar: Prominent Macro Analyst Pal recently went as far […]

Bitcoin averaging 200% gains per year proves it’s ‘eating the world’ — Raoul Pal

A summary of macro investment performance since 2011 underscores Bitcoin as the ultimate winning punt. Bitcoin (BTC) is “eating the world” thanks to 10-year returns of over 6,200,000% and annualized returns of roughly 200% per year, investment strategist Raoul Pal has said.In a tweet on Dec. 15, Pal revisited his oft-quoted phrase as new data showed the extent of Bitcoin’s outperforming of major assets.Bitcoin record profits laid bareAs noted by Charlie Bilello, founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors, a Bitcoin investment made in 2011 has delivered returns of 6,271,233%. Nothing has....

Bitcoin faces new ‘milestone’ in 2022 as new forecast predicts BTC price ‘in ...

Gold surpassing Bitcoin’s returns this year is “unlikely,” says Mike McGlone, while former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes predicts seismic changes for both assets in the coming years. Bitcoin “may be primed” for a quantum leap in its development thanks to inflation this year, a Bloomberg analyst has claimed.In a tweet on March 17, Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, released a fresh bullish take on Bitcoin’s (BTC) future under the current macro conditions.Gold beating Bitcoin is “unlikely” this yearWell known for his belief in Bitcoin coming from the latest global....

‘Fair Launch’ tokens outshine the average coin's performance

Data from Messari shows the top 20 “Fair Launch tokens” are outperforming both the top 1,000 crypto assets and Ethereum-based assets on average this year s far. So-called ‘Fair Launch’ tokens are outperforming most projects released via centralized token distribution events, according to crypto market data aggregator Messari, Messari defines Fair Launch tokens as having a publicly announced launch without any form of pre-mine. These include older top 10 crypto assets Bitcoin and Litecoin, newer DeFi projects such as Yearn.Finance and SushiSwap, and veteran 2013 altcoin Peercoin.Fair Launch....