Bitcoin 2022, Industry Day. Recap, Videos, And Quick Comment On Most Panels

Bitcoin 2022, Industry Day. Recap, Videos, And Quick Comment On Most Panels

As Bitcoinist starts to recap Bitcoin 2022’s content, it’s obvious that the focus on “crypto” was just a first-day thing. The Industry Day seems like a way to suck up to certain companies by giving them stage time, but without letting them interrupt the rest of the conference. And these first few presenters and guests […]

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Welcome to the Bitcoin 2022 conference’s best day recap. Audiovisually, the Bitcoin Magazine staff stepped up its game. The livestream transmission was much more professional and tv-like than the Industry Day one. The stand-out performance was Coin Stories’ Natalie Brunell hosting the news desk, that woman knows what she’s doing. Over at the Nakamoto Stage, […]

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