The Remnant, The Parasite And The Masses

The Remnant, The Parasite And The Masses

Members of the Remnant are inclined toward Bitcoin, while the other classes of society, the parasites and masses, remain antagonistic or ignorant.A Psychological Analysis Of The Core ArchetypesIn September 2021, I wrote a piece called “Bitcoiners Are The Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter.”It was inspired by the incredible 1930s essay by Albert J Nock, “Isaiah’s Job.”In it, I covered the differentiation between two broad archetypes, (the Remnant and the masses) and made the case for why Bitcoiners are the former, while the general, the lemming-like population is the latter. I used it to....

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Bitcoiners Are The Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter

Mass adoption of Bitcoin isn’t important. Selective adoption is and always has been how any revolutionary technology or transformation comes about. The masses will join by default.

The Remnant: Bitcoin’s Game Of Thrones

Analyzing the relationships between the three primary human archetypes further underscores why those who understand Bitcoin must build a better world for all.

Bitcoin Will Protect Your Wealth From The Government

The parasite that is the government, extracting your value and hard work, is cured through bitcoin.

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American economist Brian Wesbury has shared his thoughts on what would happen if the masses were to ditch fiat currencies and adopt bitcoin instead. He discussed whether the government would allow it to happen and how bitcoin can become a true currency. Economist Brian Wesbury Answers Question About the Masses Ditching Fiat Currencies for Bitcoin Brian Wesbury is an economist with a focus on macroeconomics and economic forecasting. He is currently the chief economist at First Trust Advisors, a financial services firm headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois. He was asked on Fox Business News....

Bitcoin Payment Processor Coinbase To Bring Bitcoin to the Masses

The founders of Bitcoin startup Coinbase, Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, are on a mission possible. Their mission is to spread Bitcoin use to the masses around the world. It is their mission to convince the masses that Bitcoin is not some left-wing plot to bring down governments. It is their mission to end the perception that Bitcoin is a scam. It is also their mission to educate everyone that it may perhaps become the most singular invention of the 21st century. Indeed, one bit step and a giant leap for mankind. Also read "Coinbase also offers In-App Bitcoin Payments" and "Coinbase....