Bulls Beware: Bears Have Only Now Taken Control Over Bitcoin

Bulls Beware: Bears Have Only Now Taken Control Over Bitcoin

Debate surrounding if the Bitcoin bull market is over due to the recent correction is at a full boil, while many are already searching for a bottom of the current downtrend. Bulls must be careful not to jump the gun due to buying the dip working so well over the last several months. Because bears […]

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Bulls have been struggling to gain decisive control of Bitcoin throughout the past few days and weeks This has resulted in it being quite heavy, with each rally being aggressively sold into as bears aim to push it back down to $30,000 Despite this, the crypto has been able to hold strong within the lower-$30,000 region, and every dip below $30k has been met with massive buy-side support There’s a possibility that this support is […]

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Bitcoin has seen a quiet weekend of trading, with the cryptocurrency struggling to gain any immense momentum as bulls and bears reach an impasse This has led to a prolonged bout of sideways trading around $16,000, with bulls and bears both struggling to gain control of its near-term Its recent price action has done little to provide any insights into where it might trend over a mid-term time frame That being said, one analyst is […]

Bulls abandon ship as a $93M Bitcoin options imbalance favors BTC bears

$540 million in Bitcoin options open interest will expire on Friday, and a $93 million imbalance shows bears are taking control. On Dec. 11, a total of $540 million in Bitcoin (BTC) options open interest is set to expire. This number mimics the past month's $525 million options expiry, as monthly and quarterly options typically concentrate the most volume. Although both dates present somewhat unusual activity, this time around, bears seem in control. Data also shows that the Bitcoin bulls appear to have become too optimistic.Currently, the exchange Deribit holds 85% market share for....

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Ethereum has seen a couple of sharp selloffs throughout the past day, with bears aiming at keeping it below $600 This comes following a strong move higher earlier this week, which allowed the crypto to rally as high as $623 The selling pressure here was intense and caused it to see a sharp decline, from which point forward it has been consolidating Where it trends in the mid-term will largely depend on its continued reaction […]

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.