Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.There will always be people who criticize creators of breakthrough technologies. And their criticisms may affect no one or millions depending on their reach. However, the loudest are often leaders in their fields and influential because of their work. These innovation antagonists oppose any who attempt what they deem impossible and ridicule those behind the most important inventions of their time. But their predictions age poorly as they are soon doused by the wave of adoption that follows....

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Bitcoin Price Fails at Major Resistance

Bitcoin price has fallen rather sharply following failure to breach a strong resistance level. I was hoping for an upwards break but the pesky full moon appeared (again at a market inflection point, starting to think there's something to this moon phase stuff...) to foil my Plan A. The bears have won a minor skirmish - but not the battle and certainly not the war. After failing to breach a key level, 850 on Bitstamp or 950 on Gox, the Bitcoin price is now staging a fighting retreat back to Support. At the time of writing, the down move has at least paused around the 820 / 0.236 Fib level.....

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