Bitcoin Price Prepares To Blast Off Back Into RSI “Bull Zone”

Bitcoin Price Prepares To Blast Off Back Into RSI “Bull Zone”

Bitcoin price is back at nearly $57,000 and is less than $10,000 away from a new setting a new all-time high and heading back into price discovery mode. It is also moments away from re-entering the RSI bull zone, which in the past has led to cryptocurrency cycle climaxes and a bear market to follow. Here is a closer look and what to watch for. Bitcoin Price Readies Aggressive RSI “Bull Zone” Reentry Bitcoin price action doesn’t behave like other assets. Its speculative nature helps it to follow technical analysis well, but remains highly volatile. But in some cases, when....

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The bulls are back in control after a brief drop in the price of Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency by market cap trades north of $57,000 with a 2.5% and 11.1% profit in the daily and weekly charts, respectively. The general sentiment in the markets it’s bullish, as operators and traders expect Bitcoin to fulfill its historical performance. BTC’s price usually tends to trend to the upside as the year comes to an end. Related Reading | Bitcoin Price Prepares To Blast Off Back Into RSI “Bull Zone” Bitcoin is trading less than $10,000 away from its all-time high at $64,870 and it could....

Bitcoin Historical Volatility Fractal Points To Brewing Bullish Explosion

Bitcoin price has been trapped in a tightening trading range and has barely moved in weeks. The top cryptocurrency by market cap has been boring compared to its characteristically volatile self.  Looking back at the asset’s historic volatility, a fractal pattern could be forming that suggests the price per BTC is about to blast off […]

Bitcoin Inflow on Exchanges Touches “Danger Zone” as Price Nears $16K

Influential Bitcoin traders are moving their funds into spot exchanges as the cryptocurrency rallies towards $16,000.

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Tomorrow is the last day of the month of July, and Bitcoin is at a pivotal moment in its lifetime. The crossroads of a possible bear market or bullish continuation is here, and the path chosen will dictate the trend for potentially months or years to come. The monthly timeframe could provide clues as to what might be next, and we’ve got five ultra bullish technical charts and reasons why Bitcoin is more likely to blast off than fall further from here. Critical Monthly Close Could Determine Crypto Cycle Crossroads Bitcoin is back at around $40,000 after a long drawn out and dramatic....

Bitcoin Price Movement Due

Bitcoin price trend remains up but a downward correction prior to the next wave of advance remains likely. We’re waiting for price to either surge higher or make a surprise downward correction but the market’s uncertainty to choose a direction keeps price action on a tightrope. Overhead is the 1hr 200MA and below a support zone near $600. We have MACD ready to pop above zero and its signal line (magenta circle) – a bullish indication. The stochastics (blue circle, top) are rising from their minimum which is also bullish. Of course, we’d like to see an explosive upward price move here, but....