SundaeSwap Token SUNDAE Debuts On Bitrue Crypto Exchange

SundaeSwap Token SUNDAE Debuts On Bitrue Crypto Exchange

SundaeSwap’s native token SUNDAE is set to go live on the Bitrue crypto exchange. Decentralized trading protocol SundaeSwap had been launched to much fanfare from the community, seeing the price of ADA rally 50% in its wake. It has since grown in popularity and is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain. Bitrue which has been a strong supporter of Cardano projects announced that SUNDAE will be added to the list of tradeable assets on the platform. Bitrue was the first crypto exchange to support trading for OccamFi, a native asset on the Cardano network. It is....

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Bitrue To List SundaeSwap As Cardano’s DEX Gets Off To A Rocky Start

PRESS RELEASE. SundaeSwap (SUNDAE) has been added to the list of tradable assets supported by leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue. This development comes at a time when the launch of SundaeSwap on Cardano (ADA) was met with many technical issues such as congestion which still continue even now. Still, Cardano developers have stated that fixes are being made and regular operations shall continue as soon as possible. SundaeSwap may best be understood as a decentralized trading protocol, token-staking platform and DEX powered by the Cardano network that has grown in popularity since its....

Bitrue Adds SundaeSwap (SUNDAE) To the List Of Tradeable Assets

Bitrue has announced that it will be adding SundaeSwap’s native token SUNDAE to its list of traceable assets. The trading platform which enables users to maximize their crypto holdings through high APY returns on staked assets has continued to expand the digital assets that its users can access. It’s part of Bitrue’s commitment to make […]

Cardano Price Up And Down Amidst SundaeSwap Launch

The price of Cardano (ADA) surged and plunged on the same day, starting with the excitement around the launch of its first decentralized exchange, the DEX SundaeSwap, then following the downtrend of Bitcoin. SundaeSwap’s Wins And Failures ADA’s price had been up around 10% in the last week tied to the launch of Cardano’s beta version of its first decentralized app (DApp) SundaeSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows token staking and aims to “decentralize not just the access to financial services, but also the core business model itself.” “We are launching with a Beta label....

StorX (SRX) Token Now Listed on Crypto Exchange Bitrue

StorX (SRX) is now available on the crypto exchange Bitrue. Bitrue is the first major crypto exchange to list SRX. This token is attracting many crypto investors on its first day of trading. Bitrue is a progressive crypto exchange platform that aims to provide the most trustworthy crypto asset management services in a simple, efficient, […]

Cardano Inventor Front-Ran SundaeSwap Users? Research Casts Light

Over the weekend, a Reddit post accusing Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano of front-running SundaeSwap users went viral. A pseudonym user said Hoskinson used a large amount of ADA to benefit from a price hike on the decentralized exchange native token, SUNDAE. Related Reading | Cardano Price Up And Down Amidst SundaeSwap Launch As one of the first DEX running on Cardano, there is a lot of hype around SundaeSwap. The ADA whale, according to the user, used his funds to queue jump other users and be one of the first to benefit from SUNDAE’s launch. The pseudonym user based the....