Bitcoin Water Trust Raises $1.4 Million, And Counting

Bitcoin Water Trust Raises $1.4 Million, And Counting

Three weeks ago, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss announced the formation of a new trust, Bitcoin Water Trust. A trust whose aim is to bring drinkable water to people who do not have access to it. The Winklevoss twins announced the launch of the trust in Miami earlier this year. The unique model for the trust […]

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Bitcoin Water Trust, With Unique HODL Charity Model, Quickly Raises $1.3 Mill...

The Bitcoin Water Trust, a fund that accepts and holds bitcoin donations for charity: water, has received over 33.75 BTC since inception.

Clean Water Nonprofit Reveals Celebrity-Fueled Bitcoin Water Trust Initiative

On Friday, the well known nonprofit announced the launch of a celebrity-funded Bitcoin Water Trust initiative. The trust will be allowed to hold bitcoin donations to fund water projects worldwide until 2025. Charity Water Launches Bitcoin Water Trust A number of announcements were revealed at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami and one announcement was from the global safe drinking water nonprofit, charity water. The organization charity water is a nonprofit that helps provide clean and safe drinking water to citizens living in developing countries. On June 4, charity....

Argo Blockchain, A Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Awaits Secondary Listing On Nasdaq

Agro Blockchain that concentrates on cryptocurrency mining is desiring a secondary listing on Nasdaq. The blockchain technology company was already the first to appear on the London Stoch Exchange listings. Related Reading | Bitcoin Water Trust Raises $1.4 Million, And Counting While announcing, Agro blockchain revealed its intention of getting a secondary listing on Nasdaq. According […]

Clean-water nonprofit launches celebrity-funded Bitcoin Water Trust

The Bitcoin Water Trust currently has collected more than 12 BTC so far, representing a cumulative value of $468,000 at today’s prices. Charity: water, a New York-based nonprofit with a mandate to bring clean and safe driving water to developing countries, has begun accepting Bitcoin (BTC) donations through a dedicated cryptocurrency fund — a move that could help the organization attract new donors towards its initiative. The launch of the Bitcoin Water Trust allows charity: water to receive and hold Bitcoin donations to fund global water projects through 2025, the nonprofit announced....

$1.3M worth of BTC donated to Bitcoin-hodling charity in less than 3 weeks

The Bitcoin Water Trust has already received more than $1.3 million worth of BTC donations despite launching just three weeks ago. New York-based non-profit, Charity: water, has received more than $1 million in BTC donations to its Bitcoin Water Trust within three weeks of the trust's launch.The Bitcoin Water Trust was announced during the 2021 Bitcoin conference in Miami. The initiative attracted attention for its “HODL MODL” treasury management strategy — with the non-profit accepting donations in Bitcoin that it will not touch until 2025. According to the charity’s website, a total of....