Bitcoin Miners Protected By New Legislation In Arkansas State

Bitcoin Miners Protected By New Legislation In Arkansas State

The state of Arkansas has recently joined the ranks of other US states in passing a bill that seeks to regulate Bitcoin (BTC) mining. The Arkansas Data Centers Act of 2023 has successfully passed through both the House of Representatives and Senate and is currently awaiting the final approval of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The […]

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Bill banning crypto mining for 3 years dies in NY state assembly

The NY state assembly needs to approve any bill or propose amendments before it can be signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. A bill which would have required miners in New York to halt operations for three years as part of an apparent effort to slow the environmental impact of crypto has been defeated in the state legislature.New York Senate Bill 6486 failed to pass the state assembly today after lawmakers in the Democrat-controlled state senate approved the legislation earlier this week. The bill was aimed at establishing “a moratorium on the operation of cryptocurrency mining....

No Tax Amnesty for Russian Crypto Miners as Lawmakers Withdraw Proposal

A new draft law has replaced an earlier bill introducing a one-year tax and customs amnesty for cryptocurrency miners in Russia. The initial proposal has been withdrawn on the grounds that the tax break would have resulted in losses for the state budget. Revised Crypto Mining Legislation Submitted to Russian Parliament Without Amnesty for Miners Russian lawmakers have again filed legislation with the State Duma designed to regulate cryptocurrency mining. The new draft substitutes a bill submitted at the end of April, which has now been withdrawn. The revised version is missing some....

New Hampshire: The Bitcoin Capital of America

Just recently. began accepting Bitcoin payments. The launch was a massive success, with the company seeing over $125,000 in sales. After less than a week, Overstock has decided to share some statistics on its Bitcoin transactions. The items most purchased with Bitcoin were: Sheets. Cell phone cases. Flash drives. Bath towels. And the number one state for purchases? New Hampshire. New Hampshire had the most transactions per capita, about 14.36 per million residents. Image from Business Insider. Of course, it hasn't really been much time since Bitcoin launched on Overstock.....

Georgia lawmakers consider giving crypto miners tax exemptions in new bill

The state is expected to have 56,000 Bitmain miners operating by October as part of an agreement with Bitmain, ISW Holdings, and Bit5iv. Five members of the Georgia House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would exempt local crypto miners from paying sales and use tax.On Monday, Georgia Representatives Don Parsons, Todd Jones, Katie Dempsey, Heath Clark, and Kasey Carpenter introduced HB 1342, a bill which has yet to be titled. The legislation proposes to amend the state tax code “to exempt the sale or use of electricity used in the commercial mining of digital assets” and....

Miners Threaten To Abandon New York As State Gives Nod To Bitcoin Mining Ban

Crypto miners are in for a major showdown with legislators. The relatively low cost of providing electricity in New York is rapidly making the state a flourishing hub for cryptocurrency miners. However, several locals and environmental organizations have voiced concerns about the impact of pollution as a result of the state’s fast growth. On Friday, […]