FTX collapse could see crypto sector layoffs accelerate

FTX collapse could see crypto sector layoffs accelerate

While the full impact of FTX’s collapse is still unfolding, some have already warned of an increase in layoffs to come “in the months to follow.” The fall of crypto exchange FTX and potential resulting contagion could lead to an acceleration of crypto-company layoffs in the coming months, recruitment specialists warn.A Nov. 14 report from crypto data aggregator platform CoinGecko found that as of Nov. 13, the crypto space has seen 4,695 employees let go in 2022 so far, presenting 4% of staff cuts across all “technology startups.” However, the authors of the report warn that crypto layoffs....

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Meta joins big tech layoffs, lets go of 11,000 employees

The Facebook parent company announced it will let go of approx. 13% of its current workforce in the first mass layoff in the company’s history. The Facebook parent company Meta announced that about 13% of its current workforce has been cut in the first mass layoff in the company’s history. In a letter to his employees, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the layoffs and also reiterated that the hiring freeze, which began earlier this year, will be extended into the first fiscal quarter of next year. According to the statement published through Meta’s newsroom, the layoffs terminated 11,000....

‘Crypto Winter’ Forcing Exchanges In Latin America To Sack Employees

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