Maker (MKR) Surges 7% as Stability Fees Introduced, DeFi Regains Footing

Maker (MKR) Surges 7% as Stability Fees Introduced, DeFi Regains Footing

While decentralized finance (DeFi) has seen a strong surge in 2020, Maker (MKR), a token strongly tied to DeFi, has underperformed. The cryptocurrency, relative to its competitors, is underperforming; where Aave’s LEND and Synthetix’s Synthetix Network Token surged hundreds of percent in this year alone, MKR only saw a 20-30% move higher. The market may […]

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Maker’s MKR Token Surges to 2-Year High on DeFi Growth

Maker's MKR token surged to its highest level in more than two years.

UMA, Maker, Uniswap Surge Up to 22%: What’s Causing the DeFi Recovery?

Major DeFi tokens, including UMA, Maker, and Uniswap have surged up to 22% in the past 24 hours. The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has generally rebounded following a sustained pullback. There are two main reasons behind the short-term recovery of major DeFi tokens. First, most DeFi tokens were heavily sold since September, causing most to […]

Ethereum Transaction Fees Rising Hints At DeFi Season Round Two

Over the summer months, Ethereum transaction fees ran hot, causing the DeFi trend and Uniswap token swapping boom to finally run out of steam. But as transaction fees begin to pick up again after a period of inactivity and downtrend, could it be a signal that another phase of DeFi dominance is about to start? […]

CEX.IO Introduces New Fee Schedule to Improve Bitcoin Trading

CEX.IO, the London-based cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new feature to its fee schedule, its most recent innovation to encourage higher market liquidity and improve bitcoin trading. The new Maker-Taker fee schedule sets the maker fee to 0%. The 0% maker fee is CEX.IO’s latest incentive to make bitcoin trading and commerce easier. Bitcoin gives everyone more flexibility with their money, and CEX.IO’s innovations in trading and withdrawing funds will encourage people to join the bitcoin economy, strengthening bitcoin’s future and making more people financially independent. CEX.IO....

China's Bitcoin Exchanges Move Broadly to Impose New Fees

The era of no-fee trading in China appears to be over. Following in the footsteps of China's 'Big Three' exchanges, smaller competitors BTC Trade, BTC100, CHBTC, Dahonghuo, Yuanbao and BitBays all moved to impose or increase trading fees yesterday in the wake of a meeting with the People's Bank of China, China's central bank. Both BTC Trade and CHBTC said that the fees would come into force on 13th February, whereas the other exchanges did not identify a starting date. Further, with the exception of BTC 100 and BitBays, the exchanges all moved to add 0.2% maker and taker fees. BitBays is....