Bitcoin Sees 3rd Quarterly Close Over $10K, 3 Reasons This Time will Hold

Bitcoin Sees 3rd Quarterly Close Over $10K, 3 Reasons This Time will Hold

Bitcoin just closed the 3rd quarter of the year with its best-ever performance, marking the third of only three quarterly finishes over $10,000. All good things come in threes, so here are three reasons why this the third time is the charm, and the cryptocurrency will hold strong above the clearly critical level. Bitcoin Closes […]

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Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Latest Monthly Close Has Struck a Blow to Its Bear Case

Bitcoin had a major macro candle close yesterday, posting both its monthly and quarterly candle. Although BTC saw little volatility heading into this close, the cryptocurrency was able to hold well-above $10,500 before and after it took place, which provided bulls with a serious boost. Overnight, the strength resulting from this close allowed Bitcoin to […]

Central Bank Gold Buys This Year Reach an All-Time Quarterly High in Q3, 400 ...

According to the World Gold Council’s (WGC) latest quarterly report, worldwide gold demand, excluding over-the-counter (OTC) markets, was 28% higher year-over-year. While demand jumped higher than last year in the third quarter, central bank gold buying tapped an all-time quarterly record in Q3 2022. The quarterly report indicates that the world’s central banks purchased close to 400 tons of gold and the WGC study says that it’s the “most on record.” Q3 2022 Data Shows the World’s Central Banks Stacked Close to 400 Tons of Gold On Nov. 1, 2022, the World Gold Council (WGC)....

Bitcoin Faces Pivotal Quarterly Close, Here’s Why

Bitcoin price is facing a historically volatile quarter, that’s in the past taken the cryptocurrency to either its annual top or bottom the last few years in a row. But this quarterly close is especially pivotal, due to one important but likely overlooked resistance level. How the cryptocurrency closes in less than 48 hours could […]

Five Bitcoin Price Charts Analyzing The Dramatic Q1 2022 Conclusion

There are only hours remaining until the Q1 2022 close in Bitcoin price action. With the important quarterly candle set to close tonight, let’s look at what technicals might say about the direction of the next quarter. Q1 2022 Comes To A Close For Bitcoin The first quarter of a year, often sets the tone for the year to come. In investments, a poor Q1 performance is indicative of a bad year ahead. Considering the fact that Bitcoin price is now above $45,000 after touching $32,000 this quarter, it is tough to say the performance has been “poor” by anything other than crypto....

At $10,600, Bitcoin price is on track for its second-best quarter ever

Data shows Bitcoin should seal both its best Q3 on record and its second-highest lifetime quarterly close on Sep. 30. Bitcoin (BTC) is on track for its best third quarter ever, data shows as Q3 2020 has just one day left to go.According to price records from on-chain analytics resource Skew, this year should produce Bitcoin’s strongest Q3 in its history.BTC price challenges Q2 2019 closeBTC/USD traded at around $10,680 at press time on Sep. 30. That number comfortably beats any other Q3 close on record, the next highest being last year’s $8,310.What’s more, Bitcoin may seal the second-best....