Binance U.S. makes BTC trading fee-free as competitors feel the heat

Binance U.S. makes BTC trading fee-free as competitors feel the heat

Brian Shroder, CEO of Binance.US said the zero-trading fees would generate positive user sentiment and said there are plans to expand the list of tokens that will offer zero-fee trading in the future. Crypto exchange Binance.US has removed trading fees for Bitcoin (BTC) spot market trades, following in the footsteps of Robinhood which pioneered no-commission crypto trading in 2018. Brian Shroder, CEO of Binance.US said the move makes the company the first U.S. crypto exchange to eliminate spot trading fees for Bitcoin for all users and without trading volume requirements. He added that....

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U.S. officials are reportedly investigating crypto exchange Binance yet again. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that they are examining possible insider trading and market manipulation at Binance. This development potentially adds more heat to the cryptocurrency exchange already facing regulatory scrutiny in many countries. CFTC’s Insider Trading Investigations U.S. officials have been looking into whether Binance or […]

Coinmap's Heat Map Shows Places That Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global digital currency being used by people across the world. Depending upon the level of adoption in different regions, its usage varies. How does it feel to get an overview of bitcoin usage pattern across the world? Something you can use to find the places where you can use bitcoin instead of fiat currency, no matter which country you are in? That's exactly what Coinmap is doing. Coinmap is a web based platform with bitcoin heat map. The map shows bitcoin activity across the world along with shops and establishments that accept bitcoin for payments. The heat map shows the....

South Africa Regulator Warns Against Crypto Exchange Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has been taking heat from national regulators this year. Just two days ago, the Monetary Authority of Singapore added Binance to the investor alert list. This action was a result of the exchange’s breach of the Payments Services Act in Singapore. Related Reading | Singapore Regulator Says Binance Unlicensed, Alerts Investors The U.S., […]

Flower powered: Bitcoin miner heats greenhouses in the Netherlands

A greenhouse in the Netherlands warmed with Bitcoin miner waste heat brings new meaning to the word "Dutch oven." Bitcoin (BTC) mining generates a lot of “waste” heat. As energy prices spiral out of control in Europe, miners have come up with creative ways of recycling the heat generated by solving valid Bitcoin blocks. Whereas in Norway, a miner is drying wood from the local timber mill, across the North Sea in the Netherlands, a miner is heating greenhouses to grow produce and bloom “Bitcoin flowers.” In a win-win partnership between a Dutch farmer and a Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin Bloem....

Groestlcoin Interview: Groestlsend announcement!

Today I’m here with ” gruve_p ” , a Groestl developer who is here to announce Groestl’s new upcoming feature: Groestlsend! On top of that, they are also announcing a switch to POW/POS to further secure the network. Bitcoin was overtaken by ASICS. Then ASICS started to come in for Scrypt. Then there were FGPA’s for x11. We needed a ASIC free/FGPA algo. We wanted a new algo which was AES supported/accelerated. We contacted groestl on and together we developed this algo. All new mobiles/tablets will support AES. We wanted to generate less heat and energy as summer is coming and....