Flower powered: Bitcoin miner heats greenhouses in the Netherlands

Flower powered: Bitcoin miner heats greenhouses in the Netherlands

A greenhouse in the Netherlands warmed with Bitcoin miner waste heat brings new meaning to the word "Dutch oven." Bitcoin (BTC) mining generates a lot of “waste” heat. As energy prices spiral out of control in Europe, miners have come up with creative ways of recycling the heat generated by solving valid Bitcoin blocks. Whereas in Norway, a miner is drying wood from the local timber mill, across the North Sea in the Netherlands, a miner is heating greenhouses to grow produce and bloom “Bitcoin flowers.” In a win-win partnership between a Dutch farmer and a Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin Bloem....

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The HexFury is a new USB miner on the Bitcoin mining scene that throws out the window the 5 gh/s barrier that seemed to be the limit with USB powered miners. It uses 6 BitFury chips and the OneString board design to achieve a high output while drawing the small amount of power available to it through a typical USB powered hub. Rafal from ASIC Runner sent me a sample of one the first production units. HexFury. I have to say I am impressed. It is still tiny. Nearly as small as my BiFury 5 gh/s unit and very cleanly built. I plugged it in and the driver set it up automatically. Then firing up....

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The learning curve for Bitcoin is higher for some than it is for others. As I reported previously, Great Britain has seen knowledge of Bitcoin more than double since June of 2013, to over 70%. In the Netherlands, it seems safe to say that they are still behind the times when it comes to digital currency and what it is, what it means, and what it can do. Netherlands: What is Bitcoin? Produced by CleverCoin, the video takes a walk down the city of Breda in The Netherlands to get a "Man on the street" survey of people's thoughts, understanding, and interests in Bitcoin. Suffice it to say if....

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Stronghold Digital Mining, a bitcoin miner powered by coal waste, has acquired a second coal refuse site in Pennsylvania with an 80 MW capacity.