Diamond Hands: Bitcoin Miners Continue To Hodl Amid Recent Uncertainty

Diamond Hands: Bitcoin Miners Continue To Hodl Amid Recent Uncertainty

On-chain data shows Bitcoin miners have held strong and not dumped the coin despite the recent uncertainty due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Bitcoin Miners Show Diamond Hands As They Continue To Hodl As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the BTC miner reserve hasn’t observed any significant falls recently despite […]

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Diamond Hands: Remaining Bitcoin Whales Keep On Buying The Dips

Data shows that while number of Bitcoin whales is going down, the remaining ones keep on accumulating more during dips. The Remaining Bitcoin Whales Show Diamond Hands As They Buy More Dips As per the latest Arcane Research report, BTC whales continue to accumulate despite the total number of them going down over the past […]

Lightning Community Diamond Hands Partnership Seeks To Further Bitcoin Adopti...

The Lightning Network community Diamond Hands partnered with ZEBEDEE and Mimesis Capital to further adoption in Asia through bitcoin gaming and education.

Bitcoin 'liveliness' lowest since 2021 amid new 5-year BTC hodl record

More of the BTC supply has stayed in its wallet for five years or longer than ever before. Bitcoin (BTC) long-term holders are knuckling down as a record portion of the BTC supply stays dormant for years.Data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode confirms that the percentage of the supply now stationary for at least five years is higher than ever.2017 BTC buyers not this year's sellersBitcoin has recovered almost 40% from its macro lows of $17,600 just two months ago, but for the cryptocurrency’s diamond hands, it has been a non-event.Those who purchased BTC in 2017 or earlier continue to....

Bitcoin Price Continues Struggle, But Miners Refuse To Sell

On-chain data shows while the price of Bitcoin has continued to struggle recently, miners have shown diamond hands. Bitcoin Miner Reserve Holds Still Amid The Recent Price Consolidation As pointed out by an analyst in a CrypoQuant post, BTC miners have been accumulating for some time now, and the dwindling price hasn’t scared them. The “Bitcoin miner reserve” is an indicator that measures the total amount of coins present in wallets of all miners. When the value of this indicator observes a decrease, it means the supply held by miners is going down. Such a trend may be a....

Top Diamond Producer De Beers Deploys Blockchain-Based Platform at Scale

De Beers, one of the leading diamond-producing companies globally, recently announced the deployment of its blockchain-based diamond source platform at scale. The platform will “enable the provision of provenance information from source to Sightholder to store on a secure blockchain.” Immutable Record of a Diamond’s Provenance One of the world’s top diamond miners, De Beers, recently said it had deployed a blockchain-based diamond source platform at scale. The platform, which is known as Tracr, gives the so-called sightholders the ability “to....