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Press Release: RR2 Capital is expanding its disruptive technology investment portfolio, announcing a strategic investment into privacy-preserving platform, Aleph Zero.

February 14th, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal – RR² Capital, a pioneering venture capital firm empowering the ‘new internet’, has announced a strategic investment in cutting-edge DAG-based DeFi platform Aleph Zero. The move forms part of a calculated expansion in RR²’s disruptive technology investment portfolio, which is spearheaded by a thesis centered on digital assets, blockchain technology, A.I. and Machine Learning.

The investment took place through RR² Capital’s participation in a private funding round during November 2021. With over 7 years experience as an incubator for more than 120+ disruptive start-ups RR² is poised to accelerate Aleph Zero’s rapid growth.

Aleph Zero at the Forefront of a DeFi Revolution

Aleph Zero plans to deploy the funding received in the strategic investment to expand efforts in the DLT’s ecosystem development and marketing, alongside a boost to the progressive team of blockchain visionaries driving forward the project’s roadmap. 

Substantial progress has already been made since the closure of the initial funding rounds, in just three months Aleph Zero has managed to engage a total of 30 staff on a full-time basis – including 20 software developers. The investment has also enabled Aleph Zero to bring in the expertise of more than 20 project consultants and advisors. 

Part of the strategic investment is focused on bringing awareness to the important transition into fast, low-cost, privacy-enhancing, and highly scalable blockchains that have the capacity to meet the demands of enterprise. RR² will contribute towards Aleph Zero’s community building and brand awareness, a fundamental area of strength for the venture capital firm which boasts an impressive community of over 320,000+ members. 

Explaining the ethos behind the decision to back the sophisticated blockchain venture, Richard Seiler, Partner at RR² Capital commented: 

“Firstly, our interest in DAG-based chains, Aleph Zero has designed an incredible piece of technology and we wanted to be a part of this development. Our fund mission statement says we invest in teams and projects who are developing innovative and disruptive technologies. This could not be more true than with the Aleph Zero team.” 

Speaking about the collaboration with RR² Capital, Aleph Zero’s Co-Founder, Antoni Zolciak added:

“We appreciate the relationship with RR2 Capital due to their technical know-how as well as appreciation not only for the project’s market share potential, but also for the design of the technology itself. We see RR2 as value-add investors.”

About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a privacy-focused, DAG-based layer 1 protocol, designed to provide a solution to the ‘blockchain trilemma’, a protocol level issue with blockchain technology that forces blockchain-based protocols to trade off between decentralization, scalability and security. By utilizing DAG as an intermediate data structure, Aleph Zero managed to achieve instant transaction finality, yet still produce blockchain as a result.

Powered by a novel consensus protocol presented at the Advances in Financial Technology conference in 2019, Aleph Zero upgrades current decentralized ledger technology to provide near-zero fees, privacy and the potential for infinite scalability, as well as true decentralization. The team behind Aleph Zero’s core development, Cardinal Cryptography, also secured a Web3 Foundation grant for development of Substrate randomness beacon.

The Aleph Zero team’s mission is to enable access to a world-class decentralized infrastructure by bringing transparency and privacy to individuals and institutions whenever they seek to directly exchange value with one another.

Alpha Zero is currently in phase 3 of their ambitious roadmap, which include the implementation of native tokens transfers on its mainnet, the introduction of smart contracts and the integration of commonly-used programming language Rust.

About RR² Capital

RR² Capital is a Lisbon-based venture capital firm which specializes in disruptive technology spaces such as decentralized ledger technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital assets. They believe that many traditional businesses and organizations will implement these technologies, adding immense value to the core of those businesses.

RR² Capital’s mission is to capture this value by investing in early stage projects and teams leading this innovation, as well as those businesses that are promoting adoption. The team operates a strategy centered on a long-term vision, developing long standing relationships, utilizing trusted advisors in decision-making, building an integrated network of first-movers and instilling the trait of flexibility in its team. 

This has positioned RR² Capital as experts in value creation, reporting 1,011% returns across a portfolio of 120+ investments in 2021.

For more information about RR2 and their expansive disruptive technology-focussed investment portfolio, visit their website here

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