BitFury Capital Makes First Investment into the Bitcoin Ecosystem

BitFury Capital Makes First Investment into the Bitcoin Ecosystem

BitFury Capital, a seed fund and a subsidiary of the leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider BitFury Group, today announced its first investment into a prominent bitcoin wallet provider.

The deal is a milestone for BitFury Capital, which was founded in July 2014 to drive Bitcoin ecosystem growth through strategic partnerships and business opportunities.

“We are happy to mark our first investment into the Bitcoin ecosystem,”
said Marat Kicikov, managing director of BitFury Capital.

“The new strategic partnership will further enable global bitcoin adoption. We are excited to be part of that story.”

The newly established BitFury Capital fund will support multiple players in the same segments of the wide and fast growing cryptocurrency industry on a non-exclusive basis. With focused approach to investing, BitFury Capital is seeking to partner with businesses that show potential in specific sectors such as Bitcoin-driven projects and startups, peer-to-peer projects (P2P), and latest innovations in renewable energy.

Valery Vavilov, chief executive officer of BitFury Group, said:

“As the largest cryptocurrency transaction processing company, BitFury Group looks forward to bringing more consumers to the Bitcoin network.”

In addition to providing seed funding and participating in later-stage investment rounds, BitFury Capital delivers knowledge and resources to accelerate startups and create strategic synergies.

Interested startups and partners can reach the BitFury Capital at [email protected].

About BitFury Group

The BitFury Group was founded in 2011, and has offices in San Francisco, CA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is the world’s largest provider of semiconductors, servers and datacenter solutions to the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, and one of the largest miners of bitcoin, with computing centers across Finland, Iceland and the Republic of Georgia.

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