Bitcoin Is Holding a Pivotal Macro Level, But Don’t Be Bullish Yet

Bitcoin Is Holding a Pivotal Macro Level, But Don’t Be Bullish Yet

Bitcoin has entered no man’s land as it fails to pass $11,000 but is holding the low-$10,000s. The coin now trades at $10,900 as of this article’s writing, again below the aoforementioned support. Bitcoin actually may be in a positive spot, though, as it managed to hold a pivotal technical level of macro importance. Bitcoin Holds Pivotal Macro Support Level To some market participants, Bitcoin’s price action over recent weeks has been purely bearish. After […]

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After bottoming at $10,200 earlier this month, the cryptocurrency has ripped higher. Bitcoin now trades just shy of $12,000. Bitcoin will need to close above $11,828 on a weekly time frame if it is to confirm its macro bullish trend Bitcoin Crosses Pivotal Macro Level Bitcoin has pushed strongly higher over the past two weeks. After bottoming at $10,200 earlier this month, the cryptocurrency has ripped higher, as it now trades just shy of $12,000. […]

Why Is Everyone Bearish? Analyst Asks as Bitcoin Macro Structure Still Bullish

Early in September, Bitcoin underwent a strong reversal that brought the coin to $9,800 from $12,500. The drop marked a crucial rejection of the $12,000 horizontal level on a weekly basis. There are some analysts that flipped bearish after Bitcoin formed that pivotal rejection. BTC is still in a positive spot on a macro frame, though, some have said. They point to how Bitcoin held the critical lows at $10,000s. $10,000 is a crucial psychological […]

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Bitcoin Enters “Uncharted Territory” as Macro Outlook Grows Bullish

Bitcoin is holding steady above $16,000, even gaining some slight momentum above this level as buyers remain in full control This price action has been undoubtedly bullish for the cryptocurrency, with a daily close above this level confirming that this latest push higher is more than a fleeting pump Now that buyers have flipped this into support, it could be time for the crypto to see even further gains in the near-term One analyst explained […]

Bitcoin Reaches Critical Level as Bulls Attempt to Spark Fresh Uptrend

Bitcoin’s price has been stuck within a macro consolidation phase for the past several months This consolidation has led to the formation of a trading range between $10,000 and $12,400, with bulls and bears with being unable to break above or below either of these levels One analyst is now noting that data seems to suggest that BTC is currently trading at a pivotal level for its future Although $20,000 is often looked upon as […]