Bitcoin Volume Observes Yearly Lows As Volatility Declines Further

Bitcoin Volume Observes Yearly Lows As Volatility Declines Further

Bitcoin continues to observe new yearly lows for volume as volatility also continues to decline further. Bitcoin Volume And Volatility At Yearly Lows As per an Arcane Research report, the 7-day average trading volume for BTC continues to hit yearly lows. This is the third consecutive week that the indicator has plunged down. The below […]

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After what seems like a thousand years of stability and a slight downtrend, bitcoin is back. Volatility is wreaking havoc. Trading volume seems to be picking up steam. And, more importantly, the community’s morale is climbing up. In any case, what do the data and the on-chain analysis say? Are the numbers high enough to justify the excitement? Let’s explore them. BTC price chart for 07/27/2021 on Bitstamp | Source: BTC/USD on Trading Volume Is Climbing, But, Is It A Trend? According to Arcane Research, “On Monday, the daily trading volume in bitcoin....

Why Some Bitcoin Exchanges Might Die in 2015

The recent levelling out of bitcoin's price volatility might be good news for everyday bitcoin users, but could it send a bunch of exchanges off the cliff? CoinDesk recently spoke to the CEO of a company whose fortune depends on the health of bitcoin exchanges. In the off-record conversation, the exec had something disturbing to say: bitcoin's falling volatility is causing problems for exchanges, which rely on volatility for trading volume. Without trading volume, their revenues will fall, leading to a shakeout in 2015. That's scary stuff, but does it hold up? Let's start with the link....

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Bitcoin’s volatility has been diving as of late, with the benchmark cryptocurrency seeing multiple prolonged bouts of sideways trading. Last week, BTC did see some turbulence that caused its price to rally from lows of $10,400 up to highs of $11,700. This move occurred over multiple days and has since resulted in it seeing yet […]