The Ethereum Merge: What Is Trading Headed Towards?

The Ethereum Merge: What Is Trading Headed Towards?

If Bitcoin is the digital gold of the crypto sphere, then Ethereum is the digital silver. The blockchain powerhouse headed by Vitalik Buterin has taken the world by storm since its foundation in 2015, and its price journey has outperformed BTC on several occasions. From its starting value of just under $1, the price of Ethereum surged to more than $4,800 last year. This was some of the biggest Ethereum news, but 2022 has marked a major landmark in this cryptocurrency’s journey: The merge! The merge is seriously exciting, from overhauling price predictions and revolutionising trading to....

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Staked Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs Ahead Of The Merge

Ethereum was formerly developed as a PoW blockchain. However, it’s been planning to transition to PoS through an upgrade tagged the merge. The process, which has different phases, is almost getting to completion as the date for the merge draws closer. The target is September 15 and would finally merge the Ethereum mainnet and the […]

Ethereum Price Stalls While Bitcoin Dips Below $20,000 Post Merge

Finally, the Ethereum Merge long-awaited Merge has occurred. As the most hyped historic event in the crypto space, many people projected different sentiments about the upgrade. Parts of the pre-merge reactions were negative. With the official conclusion of the Paris upgrade, popularly known as the Merge, the Ethereum network transited from PoW to PoS. This marked the consolidation of the two separate layers, the execution layer (PoW chain) and consensus layer (Beacon Chain). Related Reading: Ethereum Merge Fails To Move ETH Price, $2,000 Remains Elusive No Immediate Volatility With The....

Sepolia testnet Merge mostly successful — 'Hiccups will not delay the Merge.'

Merge trials on testnets are essential to allow Ethereum developers and independent project developers to understand what they can expect when the actual Merge takes place. Ethereum has now completed its second-to-last major Merge trial on the public test network Sepolia, paving the way for its transition to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.While it's been judged mostly a success, it was not incident free.The final trial of the Merge is set to occur on the Goerli network over the next few weeks before the official Merge on the Ethereum mainnet can be given the go ahead.....

Ethereum Merge: The Past, The Present, And The Future

The anticipation around the Ethereum Merge has continued to build up. While nothing is set in stone, it does seem likely that the Merge will happen according to the most recent schedule put out by the developers. This air of certainty has influenced the market greatly, and the price of the digital assets has responded […]

Ethereum Network Attracts Over 70,000 New Addresses In Merge Anticipation

The upcoming Ethereum merge is being considered a big crypto project event. The community sees this as a significant factor in rallying the ETH price in the future. Therefore, as the date of merge, September 15, is approaching, the Ethereum network is attracting a significant increase in activity. According to data from Ethereum-focused blockchain research […]