Litecoin 10-Year Anniversary Arrives Alongside Altcoin’s Darkest Hour

Litecoin 10-Year Anniversary Arrives Alongside Altcoin’s Darkest Hour

On October 13, 2011, the Litecoin network first went live. Today marks ten years from the debut of digital silver, which has arrived at the same time as the asset has made a new all-time low against BTC. Is it lights out for Litecoin from here, or will this ten-year anniversary be the start of […]

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Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the Black Monday on Wall Street that sent stocks setting historic records for intraday declines. Although this year already had a similar day of its own, there’s reason to believe that another collapse could happen in Bitcoin. Here are the primary factors behind what could cause the crypto market to drop on the ominous anniversary. Will Bitcoin Bow To Black Monday Anniversary? Black Thursday is a day that crypto […]

Charlie Lee Sums Up Litecoin’s 10 Years History. Part One: Fair Launch

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, is ready to celebrate the project’s 10th anniversary. And, what better way to do it than by giving the public the oral history of Litecoin? Of course, that’s a figure of speech. Since it’s 2021, he gave us that “oral history” through a Twitter thread. And what a thread it is. It takes us back to the very beginning of the cryptocurrency space and, using documentation and images, lets us in on the secrets, the inner jokes, and the wholesomeness of times past. Related Reading | Led By Litecoin, Mid-Cap Altcoins Bleed With Bitcoin In this first....

FIO Protocol Marks First Year Anniversary

PRESS RELEASE. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) celebrates the first year anniversary since the community launched the mainnet of the open-source FIO protocol. With over one-hundred and fifty thousand users and some of the industry’s leading service providers such as ShapeShift, Coinomi, AscendEX (formerly Bitmax), and Edge integrating the FIO protocol, the team are on course to ensure cryptocurrency transactions are simple, private, secure and joyful. The FIO Protocol was designed to ensure the cryptocurrency user experience is uncomplicated and lays the....

Crypto Moms: A Year Of Crypto Gender Equality

The American bitcoin forum for women, Crypto Moms, has celebrated its first anniversary, celebrating success over a year of promoting cryptocurrency. Launched in April 2014, Crypto Moms' mission is to increase women's participation in cryptocurrency. The Crypto Moms' website features a bustling forum, blog posts, and the team runs a Twitter account. Cryptocoins News sat down with Rocky DeLucenay of Crypto Moms to discuss the last year, the present and the future of women and cryptocurrency. Congratulations on your first anniversary! Thank you, we appreciate the anniversary wishes. What has....

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 22/2/2015 - New Uptrend

Litecoin price increased a bit during yesterday's trading sessions to record a high of $1.86 and a low of $1.83. It seems that the price will continue to rise; especially that bitcoin price is rising as well. By studying the 1 hour Bitfinex (LTC/USD) charts from and plotting the 20 hour EMA accordingly (look at the below chat), we can conclude the following: We can now spot a new uptrend line that has started on the 18th of February as shown by the two green trend lines on the below chart. Litecoin price is pushing upwards slowly and the support level has also been rising....