Bitcoin Blockchain Begins To Awaken From Death Spiral

Bitcoin Blockchain Begins To Awaken From Death Spiral

Data shows the latest selloff has caused the Bitcoin blockchain activity to come back to life after it had stayed muted for a while now. Bitcoin On-Chain Activity Returns As The Selloff Continues According to the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the BTC transaction fees has observed a 17% uplift over the past week. […]

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The crypto market has lost almost 50% of its total market capitalization in 2022. The sector experienced a two-year bull run which has come to a halt leading to unexpected implications across other industries. Related Reading | Bitcoin Blockchain Begins To Awaken From Death Spiral According to a report from mainstream media website Motherboard, the crypto […]

ARK: Now Decoupled From Terra, “Bitcoin’s Selling Pressure Should Subside”

The Terra / Luna / UST collapse keeps on generating headlines. This time, we’ll use the data in ARK’s “The Bitcoin Monthly” report to establish its impact on the bitcoin ecosystem. Remember that the non-profit organization LFG, AKA the Luna Foundation Guard, accumulated BTC to defend UST’s peg to the dollar. In a then-delated May interview, Terra’s Do Kwon said that they were trying to get to $1B in BTC so that “besides Satoshi, we will be the largest single holder of Bitcoin in the world.” Related Reading | Terra Beats Tesla As Second-Largest Corporate Bitcoin Holder After $1.5B....

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The recent cataclysmic crash of the Terra Classic (LUNC; formerly LUNA) left several people bankrupt. South Korean officials reported 8 confirmed suicides due to this blow. Stablecoins emerged as a way for cryptocurrency investors to park their funds to escape from volatility. USTC (formerly UST) was among the largest stablecoins by market cap and the single largest stablecoin on the Cosmos blockchain. This is not the first time an algorithmic stablecoin fell below the point of recovery. So much so that the head of the IMF even suggested that stablecoins that are not backed by physical....

Bitcoin and the Deflationary Spiral - a Double Edged Sword

There have been multiple mentions of bitcoin ending up in a deflationary spiral on the long run. At a bird's eye view for a layman, it sounds true. However, if one takes some time to study bitcoin and understand it in details, it will become obvious that the digital currency is quite different from conventional fiat currencies, and the deflationary spiral that seems perfectly applicable to fiat currency at certain circumstances doesn't apply to its digital counterpart. For those who do not know about deflationary spiral, it is an economic concept which states that continued deflationary....

How Spiral, Jack Dorsey’s Rebranded Bitcoin Company, Is Accelerating Adoption

The lead of Spiral, the Bitcoin-focused company formerly known as Square Crypto, explains the group’s rebranding, mission and future.