Historically Accurate Analyst Thinks Ethereum Will Slide Lower

Historically Accurate Analyst Thinks Ethereum Will Slide Lower

Ethereum has strongly outperformed Bitcoin over the past few months. The leading altcoin has pushed higher on the back of an influx of buying demand due to trends in the decentralized finance space, along with investors realizing that it was relatively undervalued to BTC. This rally allowed the Ethereum-to-Bitcoin pair to push higher, meaning that each ETH bought users more BTC. The pair gained around 70% from the lows of June to the highs in […]

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Historically Accurate Analyst Thinks Ethereum Poised to Surge Into 2021

Ethereum has undergone a strong rejection since reaching the summer highs of $490. The leading cryptocurrency fell from those highs to a recent September low of $315, liquidating many investors in the process. While the cryptocurrency remains on shaky footing, Ethereum is expected to move dramatically higher in the months ahead. Related Reading: Ethereum Transaction […]

Historically Accurate Analyst Calls for a Bitcoin Drop To $15,500-16,000

Bitcoin has exploded higher over the past few weeks amid mass institutional and retail buying pressure. There are some that are calling for a correction, though. A historically accurate analyst recently said that Bitcoin may soon be sent to “$15,500-16,000.” Another analyst agreed with this sentiment, noting that BTC is breaking below a parabolic uptrend. Bitcoin Could Be Preparing For a Correction, Analysts Say Bitcoin has exploded higher over the past few weeks amid mass […]

Analyst Who Predicted V-Shaped Reversal Thinks Bitcoin Will Hit $12k

Bitcoin has faced a slight reversal since the highs of $11,750 set a number of days ago. The coin currently trades for $11,350 as of this article’s writing, 3.4% below the highs. Analysts remain optimistic despite the price reversal. One historically accurate analyst that has called a number of pivotal movements in the Bitcoin price […]

Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin’s 2018 Lows Says Another Drop Is Likely

Bitcoin has undergone a strong drop since the highs of $19,500 seen last week A historically accurate analyst says that further losses are likely for the cryptocurrency The analyst shared a chart showing that Bitcoin is likely in the midst of trading in a dead cat bounce prior to further losses He cited the Elliot Wave form of technical analysis, which predicts that markets move in predictable waves. Bitcoin Could Drop Toward $15,000 Bitcoin has […]

Analyst Who Predicted September Bitcoin Crash Predicts Rally to $14k

Bitcoin has undergone a strong correction from the highs of $13,850 set earlier this week. At yesterday’s lows, the cryptocurrency traded for $12,900. Analysts think that Bitcoin remains embroiled in an uptrend despite the correction in this market. One historically accurate analyst shared an analysis indicating that the cryptocurrency has a high likelihood of consolidating […]