With Round 1 Fully Sold Out, ClinTex Launches Round 2 of the CTi Token Sale

Bitcoin Press Release: With the first tier of ClinTex’s CTi token sale 100% sold-out, the second phase has now begun, with 70% bonuses available.

1st October 2020, London, United Kingdom: The lack of coordination, and major issues with bureaucracy are taking a heavy toll on the medical trials industry. Costing anywhere from $600,000 to upto $8 million USD per day, every single day a medicine is delayed not only leads to huge financial losses, but also affects millions of people as they are deprived of crucial, life saving drugs. 

And ClinTex’s solution comes at the perfect time – With the disruption of the $350bn/year medical trials market firmly in their sights via a novel solution to bring down costs, reduce friction and increase efficiency and information transfer, ClinTex has successfully completed its first round of token distribution, selling out $1m USD of tokens.

Tier 2 CTi Presale

Following the success of the first sale round, ClinTex have opened up the sale to participants wishing to join the action by acquiring CTi tokens. A total of 26,666,667 CTi are available in this round. ClinTex eventually plans for an IEO, but participants of Tier 2 can take advantage to back the platform’s CTi with a 40% bonus, getting their hands on each token at $0.075 per CTi. Half of all the tokens purchased in this round will be vested for a period of 2 months.

Proceeds from this event will be used to develop the platform and bring a change to how the current medical trial and healthcare industry is working.

About ClinTex

Leveraging blockchain technology, ClinTex is on a path to eliminate barriers and friction in the current medical industry that waste millions of dollars per day. ClinTex brings changes such as:

  • Time Saving: Normally, it takes up to 15 years for a drug to pass all trials and into the hands of patients, a time that many might not have. ClinTex’s well coordinated platform will reduce the friction that causes time delays.
  • Research Silos: Currently, the medical research industry is in disarray when it comes to communicating with each other. Two or even more firms may be spending time looking into the same medicine, leading to waste of time and resources. ClinTex’s transparency will bring in close coordination, letting one team work on an issue while the other takes up something else.
  • Cheaper Medicine: With the close coordination within the research community, development and supply chain, the patients eventually get a medicine that is cheaper, essentially saving lives.

The importance of a close-knit healthcare industry has never been more important. The current pandemic has exposed how weak the medical industry is when faced with a crisis that does not care for borders and race.

Join the presale today and take advantage of a 40% discount.

Visit ClinTex Website: https://www.clintex.io/ 

Join the ClinTex Telegram Community: https://t.me/ClinTexCTi 

Follow ClinTex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClinTexCTi 

Check out ClinTex Medium: https://medium.com/@clintexcti 

Media Contact Details 

Contact Name: Sean Flanagan

Contact Email: [email protected]


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ClinTex is the source of this content. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The ClinTex token sale is closed to US participants and participants of all countries in which ICO/IEOs are illegal. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Token sales are only suitable for individuals with a high risk tolerance. Only participate in a token event with what you can afford to lose.

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