‘When alt season?’ eToro may have some answers

‘When alt season?’ eToro may have some answers

In 2020, holding the top 100 altcoins equally was a more lucrative investment than Bitcoin up until Dec. 18, according to eToro. Investors who knew when to swap Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins could have boosted their gains significantly in 2020, according to new research from eToro, the popular social trading platform. The challenge, of course, is pinpointing when the coveted alt season begins. In its latest quarterly report, eToro breaks down various cryptocurrency investment themes related to the 2020 bull market. It also devotes an entire section to alt season – the part of the....

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Social investment network eToro announced today that bitcoin has been added as an investment option on the service's OpenBook platform, allowing their 3 million users to easily throw in a small investment. This three-click process is designed to be as simple as possible, and it's classified bitcoin as a stock in hopes of getting more investors attracted to it. eToro allows the investor to select an amount, or enter their own. eToro is currently quoting Mt. Gox pricing, and takes 1 percent of the transaction value for themselves. The company notes that trades are executed 4 times daily....

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Asset-trading platform eToro today launched bitcoin trading for its three million registered users. With the launch, the platform hopes to target investors who are new to the cryptocurrency. Communications manager Nadav Avidan said: "If you want to invest in bitcoin and you're not a computer geek, you don't really know where to start. We're providing a simple way for people to get involved." According to Navidan, almost 5% of eToro's active user base (about 200,000 users) have open bitcoin positions at the moment. Users from South America, the UK and Germany are currently the top bitcoin....

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