Hot Doge: Oscar Mayer’s Dogecoin Hotdogs Sell At Auction For $15k

Hot Doge: Oscar Mayer’s Dogecoin Hotdogs Sell At Auction For $15k

Oscar Mayer’s auction of their one-of-a-kind Dogecoin-themed pack of hotdogs “Hot Doge Wieners” sells for $15k. Oscar Mayer’s Hot Doge Wieners Auction Closes At $15k Oscar Mayer initially announced an auction for these Dogecoin-themed wieners five days back, with a starting bid of $0.99. The pack of hotdogs also came with 10k DOGE in value. […]

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Oscar Mayer is auctioning off a one-of-one pack of “Hot Doge Wieners” on Ebay, with bids hitting $3050 before bidding was paused American manufactured meat company Oscar Mayer is auctioning off a one-of-one pack of “Hot Doge Wieners” on Ebay. The limited edition pack of Dogecoin themed wieners includes 10 sausages and a picture of the beloved Shiba Inu dog on the packaging, along with the “cash equivalent” of 10,000 Dogecoin (DOGE). The auction is set to close on Aug. 7 however the listing has been temporarily taken down with the firm noting on Twitter today that “you guys really took this....

DOGE Weiners: Oscar Mayer Sells One-Off Pack Of Dogecoin Hot Dogs

Dogecoin continues to show out different ways that it can be used to push products in the market. Burger King Brazil had recently announced it would be taking Dogecoin payments for dog food. Now meat-packing and cold cut company Oscar Mayer has auctioned off a one-time pack of Doge-branded hot dogs. The auction took place […]

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After a great number of well known product brands like Burger King, Axe, Snickers, Milky Way, and Slim Jim have been riding the dogecoin hype, the American meat and cold cut manufacturer ​​Oscar Mayer has also jumped on the dogecoin bandwagon. Similar to Axe, Oscar Mayer has also created a dogecoin-centric product and is auctioning a “10-pack of weenies” that features the famous Shiba Inu. A 10-Pack of Doge-Themed Weenies Oscar Mayer is a well known hot dog and cold cuts as the Kraft Heinz-owned firm has been around for years. In fact, the Mayer brothers started....

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While dogecoin fans saw the first crypto-scented Dogecan body spray made by Axe, Oscar Mayer’s 10-pack of dogecoin branded weenies, and an augmented reality game called Dogemon Go, supporters now have the opportunity to attend a DOGE-centric festival called “Dogepalooza.” The dogecoin-themed event will have live entertainment from major artists like Dionne Warwick, Damon Elliott, and Chloe Flower. Dogepalooza 2021 Fans of the meme-based crypto-asset dogecoin (DOGE) are throwing a festival dedicated to the digital currency and its economy. Dogepalooza 2021 of course....

Dogecoin (DOGE) Is Now Supported by Alfacash Store

Alfacash Store is available to buy and sell cryptocurrencies against euros in a fully non-custodial and automatic process. Now, its users can also enjoy the trading of Dogecoin (DOGE), the popular crypto-meme. They can find here a fast, secure, and regulated way to exchange this cryptocurrency with different payment methods. Dogecoin (DOGE) was officially launched […]