After Successful VC Rounds, Inery Token is Live On Huobi 

Press Release: $INR is live on Huobi, after successful VC rounds and several strategic partnership announcements. Trading officially opened at 13:00 UTC today, September 28th. The listing is an important milestone for Inery on its journey to revolutionize how data is handled on the decentralized web.

September 29, 2022 – Inery, a decentralized data system envisioned to enable a new paradigm for data management, has listed on Huobi exchange, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, supporting over 1000 trading pairs and more than 600 cryptocurrencies. This will help bring Inery’s vision to the markets and onboard more people in its mission to reshape the world through the paradigm shift in data management.

Inery Decentralized Data System

Specifically designed to address database management by integrating blockchain functionalities and distributed database properties, this project aims to enable interoperability between different industries without compromising security, speed, or performance.

Inery Decentralized Data System will enable users to read, write, delete, and control their data, ushering in a new decentralized and secured internet era, where data loss and misuse will no longer be an issue. With a proprietary blockchain running on MEM (memory) nodes, Inery is able to ensure this, while adding a level of encryption guaranteeing data privacy.

Made to not only provide an upgrade to Web3, but also be more eco-friendly and cost-efficient, Inery is a project offering real-world use cases to individuals, enterprises, and governments in the space of healthcare, GameFi, finance, and more. 

The $INR token is the network’s native token, used to secure and empower the Inery ecosystem. 

Successful VC Round, Partnerships, Recognition

The listing comes after Inery carried out successful investment rounds, where it saw VCs like Global Emerging Markets (GEM) invest $50 million. Other venture capital investors to join Inery include Metavest who invested at a valuation of $128 million, Nebulous Holdings AG, Zazen, Menas Global, Cap Lion Point, and Truth Ventures

To develop use cases, Inery also announced strategic partnerships with Sadiqa, Crescotec, NexBloc, and the award-winning global marketing firm – Luna PR.

In recognition of their achievements, Inery has already received prestigious awards in the blockchain space. It was recently accoladed as the “Best Emerging Blockchain Solution” at the Leaders in Fintech 2022 Awards and its CEO Dr. Naveen Singh received the “Blockchain Leader of the Year” award at the prestigious GB Tech Awards. 

Inery is also one of the few projects to have a public testnet launch in August ahead of its listing. Its successful testnet release with over 160 nodes allowed developers to test the different functions and features of its blockchain. With the feedback received, it will move ahead with its mainnet expected to launch in Q1 2023.  

INR is currently live on Huobi with the trading pair INR/USDT. The trading officially opened today at 13:00 (UTC), and withdrawals begin tomorrow, September 29, at 13:00 (UTC).

During the first month of trading $INR on Huobi, traders can provide liquidity in the staking pools for staking rewards and transaction fees. Traders can also benefit from INR trading competitions to win awards in prize pools during the same period. Besides staking campaigns and trading competitions, they will run KOL competitions. Follow Inery’s announcements on Twitter and Discord to stay updated. 

Inery is led by Dr. Naveen Singh, CEO and Founder; Ivan Vujic, CTO and Founder, and Simon Murray, founder of Orange Telecom – CBE and Chairman. Mr. Satjiv S. Chahil, former Vice President of Global Marketing at Apple, recently joined the Advisor board as the new Principal Advisor prior to the $INR listing to help drive mainstream adoption. 

About Inery

Inery is a layer-1 blockchain solution that provides a decentralized, secure, and transparent foundation for distributed database management. Inery envisions a paradigm shift in data and database management by integrating blockchain technology and distributed database synergies.

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