2020: We Were Right

2020: We Were Right

2020 was unforgettable, especially for Bitcoin. To help memorialize this year for our readers, we asked our network of contributors to reflect on Bitcoin’s price action, technological development, community growth and more in 2020, and to reflect on what all of this might mean for 2021. These writers responded with a collection of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. Click here to read all of the stories from our End Of Year 2020 Series. Congratulations to everyone who made it through 2020.  Nearly everyone was affected in some way by the relentless changes that occured around the....

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Bitcoin’s 2020 In Tech

In 2020, the Bitcoin development community introduced a number of useful new features, important upgrades and notable improvements. The post Bitcoin’s 2020 In Tech appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Breadwallet for iOS demoed live at Money 2020

Breadwallet for iOS demoed live at Money 2020. Las, Vegas, Nevada – November 5, Adam Traidman, Founder & President of breadwallet, the first standalone iOS bitcoin wallet, sent $1000 of bitcoin to Aaron Voisine, Founder & CEO of breadwallet during a live demo at Money 2020. The live demo was successful and proceeded without any difficulties supporting the strong bitcoin theme at Money 2020. The team concluded the live demo at Money 2020 with positive words about how bitcoin is disrupting finance.

Blockchain-Backed NFT Market Value Grew 299% in 2020

A report has unveiled figures that confirm the bullish run of non-fungible token markets over the last year. Two analytical firms behind the studies stated that the NFT industry grew by 299% in 2020. Total Number of Active Wallets Rose by 97% According to the NFT Report 2020, published by L’Atelier BNP Paribas and Nonfungible.com, the NFT market tripled in size overall last year, and its total value rose to more than $250 million. The research document stated that the non-fungible token market could be considered the core asset class for the so-called “virtual economy.”....

Saving With Bitcoin Was Never So Cool As In 2020

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How Bitcoin Grew Even Stronger In 2020

Bitcoin’s technical developments, incoming class of noobs and (of course) the price were strong in 2020, setting up for a stronger 2021. The post How Bitcoin Grew Even Stronger In 2020 appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.