Spotify Builds Own Island In The Metaverse With Roblox

Spotify Builds Own Island In The Metaverse With Roblox

Spotify is making a foray into the metaverse, becoming the first music streaming platform to enter the virtual realm. The metaverse, and the broader realm of web3 in general, are advancing at a breakneck pace. According to whom you ask, this futuristic, blockchain-based area is either the next great thing in marketing – and nearly […]

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Samsung Releases ‘Space Tycoon’ On Metaverse Platform Roblox

Samsung, in the official newsroom post announced the launch of Space Tycoon, which is a metaverse based virtual playground targeted towards the Gen Z crowd. The metaverse based gaming experience has been built on the Roblox world. In this virtual space, users will be able to create and play games along with that they can […]

Samsung Launches ‘Space Tycoon’ Metaverse Experience

Electronics giant Samsung has announced the launch of Space Tycoon, a metaverse-based experience built as part of the Roblox world. The gaming metaverse, which is directed to entertain Gen Z users, will feature a world in which Samsung products can be constructed by picking their fundamental components. The experience will also include a shop for buying in-game items. Samsung’s New Metaverse in Space Big companies are now focusing part of their efforts on creating enticing metaverse-based worlds as part of their strategy. Samsung, the electronics company, is launching a....

Meet The Man Behind Universe Island

PRESS RELEASE. Universe Island – the name in itself gives away a major hint of what the game beholds, that is, a whole metaverse offering a wide range of features! Universe Island is a play-to-earn game that offers a classic third-person, 1vs1 shooting theme experience. However, a key factor that adds dimension to it and takes your gaming experience to a whole new level, is the NFT integration, In-Game NFT Gallery and Augmented Reality and story-driven experience meant to be enjoyed by the players. This game is unique and unconventional in terms of what it plans on....

What’s New in Megaverse: Developments, Updates and More

PRESS RELEASE. Celebrity-fan interaction in the metaverse is at its nascent stage. However, a few recent past events are tell-tale signs of a tectonic shift happening on the fan-engagement front. It’s moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 with metaverse as its building block. The Paris Hilton virtual world inside Roblox has seen significant footfalls, even considering the hefty price people need to spend to enter that world. A mega-fan had apparently paid $450,000 to buy a virtual land beside Snoop Dogg’s digital mansion on Sandbox. Metaverse offers fans the....

NYSE celebrates historic 'first trades' with NFT series

The NYSE’s NFTs will celebrate the first trades made in the shares of Spotify, Unity, DoorDash, Snowflake, Roblox, and Coupang. The New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, has jumped on the NFT bandwagon by minting nonfungible tokens celebrating the first trade made in the shares of prominent U.S. companies.In an April 13th announcement, NYSE’s president, Stacey Cunningham, described NFTs as a “new, fun way to mark the moment” of a company’s first trade on the NYSE.The first six NYSE NFTs commemorating the first trades for Spotify, Snowflake, Unity, DoorDash, Roblox, and Coupang, with Cunningham....