Ethereum Prints Pivotal Reversal Against Bitcoin Amid ETH2 Rollout

Ethereum Prints Pivotal Reversal Against Bitcoin Amid ETH2 Rollout

Ethereum strongly underperformed Bitcoin during BTC’s move to $16,000. In fact, for most of the rally from $13,000 to $16,000, ETH was trading for $380-400, failing to break higher. But after BTC has begun to consolidate, ETH has finally started to break higher. Ethereum currently trades for $440, up 10% in the past 24 hours […]

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Ethereum Prints Pivotal Bullish Signal as It Holds $390 Region

Ethereum is expected to move much higher in the months ahead as the leading cryptocurrency prints a bullish technical signal. Ethereum Bounces Cleanly Off $390 Horizontal Region in Bullish Move As the chart shared below shows, ETH recently bounced off the $380-390 horizontal region, which marks a win for bulls. The chart shows that over the past few months and even stretching into 2018, the high-$300s were an important level for Ethereum to hold. The […]

Ethereum Defends Pivotal Technical Level Despite Yesterday’s Drop

Ethereum and Bitcoin underwent a strong drop the other day after days of consolidation. Ethereum slipped from the $590 region to lows around $550, marking a strong decline for the cryptocurrency that had benefited so much from the ETH2 launch. Ethereum was falling alongside BTC. The market was seemingly dropping as a result of the […]

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Eth2’s rollout could result in enterprises flocking to a more secure and scalable Ethereum network. The highly anticipated security and scalability upgrade to the Ethereum network launched as planned on Dec. 1, marking a huge milestone for the Ethereum community. On the surface, the Eth2 Beacon Chain will help ensure an increase in scalability and capacity across the Ethereum network. However, the initial launch of the Beacon Chain signifies much more than promised network benefits, and could potentially drive enterprise blockchain adoption even further. Corey Petty, chief security lead at....

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Senior research analyst at Messari, Ryan Watkins, predicts that Ether could overtake Bitcoin as the top crypto asset once its Eth2 overhaul is complete. Ryan Watkins, a senior research analyst at crypto analysis firm Messari, has speculated that Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin as the largest crypto asset once its Eth2 and Proof-of-Stake overhaul is complete.Appearing on Youtube show 'FinTech Today' on March 18, Watkins noted that while he does not know “if or when” Ethereum will flip Bitcoin, he does believe Ether could emerge as the leading crypto asset in the future, due to Eth2,....