OKEx Report Reveals Retail Bitcoin Interest Beats Institutions, More FOMO Inc...

OKEx Report Reveals Retail Bitcoin Interest Beats Institutions, More FOMO Inc...

The ongoing bitcoin bull market has been nothing short of amazing. Retail interest during the last cycle brought the cryptocurrency only so far, and this cycle, retail plus institutions have pushed the price per coin to new heights. However, new data insights  from OKEx partner analytics firm Catallact, revealed that retail investors bought the most […]

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Altcoin season is upon us, and there’s no better indicator of this than Ethereum beginning to gain against Bitcoin on the duo’s trading pair against one another. The ratio between the two represents the ongoing battle between the two for cryptocurrency market share. Right now, Bitcoin remains king. But growing institutional interest in Ethereum exposure, […]

HODL FOMO vs. Speculative FOMO: Why This Bitcoin Bull Market Will Be Different

As bitcoin crosses $17,000 it’s not retail speculation but a new, long-term investor mindset driving the price up.

Bitcoin whale clusters show ‘institutional FOMO’ is behind the BTC rally

Data shows Bitcoin whales and institutions are behind the current rally, a signal that the next bull market may be stronger than the one seen in 2017. Data shows that institutions heavily accumulated Bitcoin in the $12,000–$15,000 range, and according to analysts at Whalemap, this is a positive trend because institutions and whales typically accumulate assets with a longer-term investment strategy in mind.The fact that larger hands are accumulating BTC instead of retail investors also explains the somewhat suppressed mainstream interest in Bitcoin, as Cointelegraph previously reported.....

Whales And Miners Face Off Against Elon Musk Bitcoin FOMO, Robinhood Retail

Over the last few days, whales and miners have been depositing the largest amount of Bitcoin this year, yet despite all the selling, price is soaring. The reason? Elon Musk has changed his Twitter bio to include the cryptocurrency’s hashtag and it has ignited a flood of FOMO from retail Robinhood traders seeking free markets. […]

Bitcoin Retail Investors Confident About $50,000-Price Bottom

Bitcoin fell from about $60,000 to nearly $50,000 this week, but it has not deviated retail interest, according to Robbie Liu of OKEx. The investment analyst cited renewed buying activity near the $50,000 level among retail investors, confirmed by the rising long/short ratio and the rising USDT premium in the Asian market. The long/short ratio […]