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Friday 12th March 2021, St John, Antigua – Poltergeist Exchange has partnered with GHOST by McAfee to bring a private stable coin and privacy dex to the GHOST by McAfee blockchain. Poltergeist Exchange has released their native token GHOUL, and are developing and releasing a side chain with the same name for Ghost by McAfee. 

Side chains for GHOST will open up a variety of interaction possibilities including a full privacy dex using atomic swaps to flawlessly execute cross chain transactions, a private stabled coin, GHOSTDAI, that is pegged and backed 1:1 with DAI, and more. 

“When I was setting the vision for GHOST, I didn’t just see a privacy coin, but an ecosystem of products and services that really encompassed the ideas and values that I think are really important about being able to do business and send value privately.” said Josh Case, the founder of Poltergeist Exchange and Co founder of Ghost by McAfee

“Nothing can stop us from bringing these ideas to the world. And a lot of these ideas are closer than you may think” 

Poltergeist and Ghost have also brought on other heavy hitters as advisors such as Mate Tokay, Co founder of Bitcoin.com

“I am really happy to join these projects and help bring a true private crypto currency ecosystem to the world. A real private stable coin will be a game changer” said Mate Tokay

The experience of the GHOST team & its’ advisors puts GHOST in an advantageous position in a time where DEXs and privacy are in high demand. GHOST can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

To sign up and join the next step in DEX advancement, visit the Poltergeist website.

Join the Poltergeist community by visiting Twitter, or chat on Telegram.


GhostbyMcAfee.com is a privacy coin founded by legendary tech pioneer John McAfee, who has continued to promote the project on his Twitter account from his jail cell in Spain. 

Media Contact Details 

Contact Name: Josh Case

Contact Email: [email protected] 

Poltergeist Exchange is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 


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