Atlas ATS to Offer Private Markets Bitcoin Exchange

Atlas ATS to Offer Private Markets Bitcoin Exchange

Atlas ATS today unveiled “Nano Exchange,” offering firms a private market that is a secure, state-of-the-art trading platform for digital currency. Firms will be able to leverage the Atlas technology to provide their customers with a comprehensive exchange platform for trading and storing digital currency.

Nano Exchange is a customizable, turn-key solution for companies looking to operate a digital currency exchange for their own user base. Atlas ATS deploys and manages the technology for a private market. Within this private market, companies will match their own trades. The “top of book” (best bid and best offer) from the private market will also quote in the Atlas ATS Public markets, thereby allowing access to a deeper liquidity pool. Firms will be paid by Atlas for adding liquidity to Atlas ATS’s public market and will be charged for removing liquidity.

Firms that sign on for the Nano Exchange can access additional services from Atlas ATS, beyond the technology platform. Atlas will also offer an agency relationship through which it can provide KYC/AML (“Know Your Customer”/ “Anti-Money Laundering”) services and clearing and settlement of trading for their members.

Overall, the private markets platform consists of four components:

1) An Enterprise Digital Currency Exchange Platform
In addition to a robust matching engine, with automated tools for automated market making which enable arbitrage between the platform and other exchanges.

2) Customized Trading Interfaces for Clients
Firms will be able to brand their front-end HTML5 web trading interface and offer both API and FIX accessibility.

3) Customized Multi-Signature Wallet and Interface
The multi-signature, coin-agnostic wallet management system supports multiple currencies. It also has the safety of “cold storage,” which means the encryption keys are kept offline, inaccessible from the Internet.

4) Self-Service Tools for Managing Day-to-Day Operations
Atlas provides a suite of customer management tools related to trade-support, onboarding, customer service, platform administration, and more.

“Our private label offering is a complete solution for firms looking to provide their customers with a secure digital currency trading platform,” said Shawn Sloves, Atlas’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“This is more than a just a matching engine with a web-based interface. There is full functionality for managing operations and risk. The ability to handle market data from other exchanges and routing logic, including automated tools for arbitrage, are built-in. Additionally, offer the a state-of-the-art, multi-signature wallet management system that can handle multiple currencies and multiple coins, not just Bitcoin.”

Firms interested in Atlas’s private label exchange platform should contact 917-398-0013.

About Atlas ATS

Atlas is dedicated to providing a secure, state-of-the-art trading platform for digital currency.
Atlas is driven to be an industry leader in operating a digital currency marketplace and providing innovative products and services for the benefit of the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall volumes and improves performance, providing benefits to all participants. Atlas ATS is part of the Perseus secure, low-latency network.

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