Atlas ATS Extends Bitcoin Trading to Europe

Atlas ATS Extends Bitcoin Trading to Europe

Atlas ATS today announced that it has partnered with Recol Pro S.A. (Recol) to offer its exchange platform to European investors.

The platform, known as Atlas ATS Europe, is available at

Atlas ATS Europe offers trading in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, options on Bitcoin and Litecoin, and a multi-signature digital wallet for the easy and safe deposits, withdrawals, and storage of digital coins--the same as Atlas ATS currently offers to its clients in the U.S.A. and Hong Kong.

Through Recol S.A., operator of Madrid-based RBEX (, European investors will have the opportunity for Euro-denominated accounts and ATM access. ATM access is currently available in Spain only, but Recol is in the process of expanding its ATM network dramatically, which will give investors all over the continent the ability to withdraw fiat currencies against the Bitcoins they own in their account.


The trading book for Atlas ATS Europe will link to the U.S. order book, allowing everyone access to a deeper liquidity pool. The main difference between the two order books will be the quoting currency, with Europe quoting in Euros and the U.S. quoting in dollars. However, all investors, whether European or American, will be allowed to buy and sell Bitcoins denominated in either currency.

“Recol is positioning itself to be a global operator in the Bitcoin ecosystem and Atlas ATS Europe is a key part of that strategy,” says Ignacio Ozcariz, CEO of Recol.

“In order for Bitcoin and other digital currencies to gain wide acceptance, customers need trusted financial firms to offer them three key components--a trading platform to buy and sell digital currency, a secure wallet to store digital currency, and an ATM network through which customers can access their accounts and convert their digital currency into local currency when they need to. Atlas ATS Europe is going to be part of the most complete, most convenient digital currency service around.”

“The Atlas ATS mantra is ‘global/local,” which means offering a trading platform all over the world by partnering with select financial institutions that know their own markets,” said Shawn Sloves, CEO and co-founder of Atlas ATS. “By partnering with Recol, we are able to offer Atlas ATS in Europe, a key goal of ours.”

The official launch for Atlas ATS Europe is scheduled for the Fall, but the platform is live and running now, with accounts being opened.


Atlas is dedicated to providing a secure, state-of-the-art trading platform for digital currency.

Atlas is driven to be an industry leader in operating a digital currency marketplace and providing innovative products and services for the benefit of the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall volumes and improves performance, providing benefits to all participants.

For more information on Atlas, visit


Recol, a company whose origins are in Spain, is the first Global Bitcoin Operator focusing on three of the activities in the global Bitcoin ecosystem: Exchanges, Wallets, and Terminals. Recol considers this approach to offer higher operating and investment returns. Recol, which operates globally, aims to be listed soon on the OTC Market, TickFx, in Zurich.

For more information on Recol, visit

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