Atlas ATS: a New Marketplace for Digital Currency and Bitcoin Trading

Atlas ATS: a New Marketplace for Digital Currency and Bitcoin Trading

Atlas ATS offers the lowest overall costs of any marketplace for digital currency and provides an enterprise trading platform to access the system at no additional cost.

New York based Atlas Inc has leveraged proven technology and experience from the world of fiat-based market infrastructure to provide an advanced exchange for the trading of digital currencies. The Atlas ATS provides a central limit order book for Bitcoin where client buy and sell orders are matched based upon price-time priority with midpoint price improvement.

Atlas ATS offers the lowest overall costs of any marketplace for digital currency and provides an enterprise trading platform to access the system at no additional cost. Clients pay a simple transaction fee on executed trades, without having to pay fees for subscription, connections or market data. Clients can connect in via API, FIX protocol as well as an HTML5 web interface for trading and managing accounts.

Atlas provides an ecosystem for trading Bitcoin with a unique array of advantages including the ability to short Bitcoins and trade on margin. End users can borrow directly from Atlas to obtain a multiple on buying power as well as the ability to enter into short positions without having to wait for others to lend coins. Clients will also be able to subscribe to an aggregate pricing feed of all of the major Bitcoin markets, and leverage smart routing and auto-market making functionality built into the system.

The matching technology underlying the Atlas ATS is powered by the Virtual Exchange product, engineered by Fundamental Interactions Inc, a leading provider of advanced trading platforms to the institutional trading community. Virtual Exchange has been deployed by many of Wall Street’s largest institutions and proprietary trading firms, offering a level of performance and reliability far surpassing anything currently used in the global Bitcoin economy.

The Atlas ATS will deploy the maker/taker style pricing model for all trading activity, the prevalent standard in the US equities markets. The system will provide standard order types initially and will gradually roll out a host of advanced order types similar to those offered by major equities exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

About Atlas Alternative Trading System

Atlas ATS is dedicated to providing a secure state of the art technology exchange platform for transacting Bitcoins. Atlas is driven to be an industry leader in operating a Bitcoin trading venue and generating innovative products and services for the benefit the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall market volumes and improves client performance, providing benefits to all participants.

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