Current Bitcoin Consolidation Zone Could Act As The Next Bear Market Bottom

Current Bitcoin Consolidation Zone Could Act As The Next Bear Market Bottom

With only a 30% pullback on the books, it is hard to consider the most recent consolidation phase in Bitcoin much of a correction. But whatever base is currently being built within this range, could act as the next bear market botton after the leading cryptocurrency by market cap tops out and the cycle restarts […]

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Bitcoin must overcome a big hurdle at $52,000 for any chance to break new highs in the short term. Bitcoin's (BTC) price has been consolidating in the previous weeks as the sentiment and momentum have slowed to a crawl. That's very natural, as it's also impossible to throw a six every time. Therefore, consolidation and correction are necessary for the market to recharge before resuming the uptrend. Several reasons were given for such a corrective move in the previous weeks, the primary ones being whales selling in addition to macroeconomic factors, particularly the surge in Treasury....

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It’s a new year and a new crop of obituaries for bitcoin, following a dramatic price decrease over a 48-hour period starting in the wee hours of January 13, almost immediately following a dire warning by ex-Wall Streeter George Samman in this very publication a few days earlier predicting such a collapse was necessary to find the bottom of the current bear market and that the recent price declines were far too orderly. Samman is the co-founder and ex-COO of, a service that lets users short bitcoin (among other financial leveraging instruments). How convenient. It was a well-written....

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The fiat value of bitcoin has seen a decline over the past 24-hours as the price per BTC dropped from US$1215 to a low of $1140 across major global exchanges. At press time, the price is on the rebound hovering around the $1170-1180 range, but the market is showing no signs of fending off sellers. Bitcoin Price Weekly View: Bear Markets Claw the Value of....