U.S. Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Advocates For Bitcoin As A Safe Haven

U.S. Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Advocates For Bitcoin As A Safe Haven

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) continue to gain popularity, some advocates suggest they could offer an escape route for the public from the dangers of financial bubbles. Among these advocates is Robert Kennedy, a US presidential candidate, who argued that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized network less vulnerable to market volatility and […]

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Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate Wants To Save BTC From The White House

Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has, at different times, jumped to the defense of the flagship cryptocurrency, BTC. This time, he promises to protect it if elected as President during the Presidential elections next year. What Kennedy Wants To Do For Bitcoin In an interview, the Presidential Candidate mentioned that he intends to end the “current White House war on Bitcoin.” This statement is in reference to the anti-crypto stance that the government seems to have taken against Bitcoin and other crypto tokens.  Related Reading: Will Bitcoin Price Crash To....

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has recently divulged his venture into the world of crypto, confirming his acquisition of a substantial amount of Bitcoin (BTC) earlier this year. Surprising many, Kennedy revealed that he purchased two BTC for each of his seven beloved children. During an insightful conversation in a Twitter Spaces interview, Kennedy engaged with Scott […]

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