Bitcoin’s Network Activity Reaches an All-Time High as Price Rockets Higher

Bitcoin’s Network Activity Reaches an All-Time High as Price Rockets Higher

Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of an intense upswing, with buyers maintaining full control of its price action as they move to push it up towards $19,000 The strength of this latest push higher has come about as the entire market rallies in tandem, which is a tell-tale sign that the crypto market is caught in the throes of a full-fledged bull trend Where BTC trends next will likely set the tone for […]

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Bitcoin Reaches All Time High at BTC China

Bitcoin triumphantly rises once more, reaching an all-time high today at around 2PM London time in one of the most liquid exchanges: BTC China. Proclaimed dead or worthless so often by so many, the currency has been turning heads in the past few weeks when a two years long bull market accelerated around December the 20th, increasing bitcoin’s price from around $800 to almost $1,100 in just two weeks, while at BTCChina it reached an all-time high of just under $1,150 (7,990 CNY according to BitcoinWisdom) higher by almost 400 points than its previous all-time high of 7,588 CNY reached on....

Analyst: Bitcoin Stability Could Help Launch Altcoins Higher in Q4

Bitcoin’s price action has been creating significant fear amongst investors, with analysts and traders widely expecting it to see downside once its ongoing consolidation phase ends. This fear is clearly seen while looking towards BTC’s funding rates, which are extremely negative at the moment as demand for short positions rockets higher. Much of this sentiment […]

Bitcoin’s Price Value Eyes More Gains

Over the past 48 hours, bitcoin’s fiat value has risen exponentially with the price on a ramp towards US$800 per BTC. Currently, at press time the price is averaging $745. If it reaches $790, it will peak past this summer’s high before the Bitfinex hack. Bitcoin Price Value Bumps Push Upwards. On November 17 bitcoin touched $750, making the total bitcoin....

Bitcoin 'price will follow,' says analyst after historically accurate metric ...

A record "organic" price valuation based on long-term investors paves the way for uncharted price territory for Bitcoin, the statistician says. Bitcoin (BTC) has already hit an all-time high this week, according to one price measurement from popular statistician Willy Woo.In a series of tweets on Oct. 27, Woo added to his recent bullish prognoses on Bitcoin, noting that one valuation of BTC/USD was now higher than ever before.Woo: “Price will follow” NVT valuationWoo was referring to Bitcoin’s network value to transactions (NVT) ratio, which aims to suggest when the Bitcoin network is....

Bitcoin Market Cap Reaches 3 Billion

Following the news of Bitcoin hitting its all-time high on Tuesday night, Bitcoin's market cap has hit yet another milestone. Three billion dollars, in fact. The news comes just about a week the after market cap reached $2.5 billion - signaling immense growth. No doubt, the influx has very much to do with the excitement over the price getting higher (i.e. more people throwing their money in with anticipation the price will get higher). Bitcoin's market cap has grown so very rapidly, making many question when we'll hit the $4 billion mark. By year's end, perhaps?