Latin America, Tipping Point: Bitcoin Beach Brazil, Colombia ATMs, Mining Arg

Latin America, Tipping Point: Bitcoin Beach Brazil, Colombia ATMs, Mining Arg

Did we overestimate Latin America’s interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Even though the continent seems to need the technology the most, mainstream adoption feels so far away. The El Salvador experiment might change that, but it’s not a guarantee. And, so far, there are no major indicators that any other country is going to […]

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In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, the CFO of Twitter Ned Segal talked about the implementation of Bitcoin in the platform.  In his view, the cryptocurrency will be a tool to “facilitate commerce” on the social network. Related Reading | Latin America, Tipping Point: Bitcoin Beach Brazil, Colombia ATMs, Mining Arg Twitter and its […]

Latin America, Tipping Point: Axie Infinity Scholarships + Venezuela’s Petro

Do Latin America ‘s unique characteristics put the continent in position to adopt cryptocurrencies before the rest of the world? Or is El Salvador an isolated case? In Latin America, Tipping Point we’ll select the area’s most important headlines and summarize them in a few sentences and quotes. This is the jam-packed news compilation you […]

Latin America, Tipping Point: The Region Flirts With & Rejects Cryptocurrencies

Typical Latin America. The region as a whole is having a love/hate relationship with cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, apparently, crypto remittances in Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela grew 900% last year. On the other, Mexico and Peru’s Central Banks are actively working in their CBDCs. Which way will the scale tip? The jury’s still out […]

Latin America, Tipping Point: Cuba Regulates, Honduras ATM, Venezuela Spends

Is Latin America in the eye of the storm that’ll reshape the world? The region certainly benefits from the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Latin America needs hedges against inflation and a quick and easy way to send remittances. The cheaper the fees, the better. And when you truly need something, you’re bound to […]

Bitcoin ATMs are booming in this Latin American country

The country is relatively new to crypto adoption, but is building momentum quickly. Colombia now has the largest number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs in Latin America. According to CoinATMRadar, Bogota, the nation's capital, has 34 ATMs, followed by Medellin with 11, and Bucaramanga and Cali with 4 each. Other cities with one ATM at least include Armenia, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, La Hormiga, and Pereira.Until recently, countries such as Venezuela and Argentina were more frequently discussed as crypto hotspots in terms of regional adoption due to factors like political and economic turmoil.....