Crypto Reacts To The NFT NYC Conference: The Good

Crypto Reacts To The NFT NYC Conference: The Good

Sadly, the NFT NYC conference took place at the beginning of what looks like a crypto bear market. The industry was blowing up when the estimated 15.000 attendees bought the tickets, which ranged between $599 and $1999. When June 20th arrived, most of their portfolios were probably down and tending towards disaster. That didn’t stop […]

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Crypto Reacts To The NFT NYC Conference: The Bad And The Ugly

This is the slightly negative part of Bitcoinists NFT NYC report. For an intro, and the positive side of the event click here. Since we will quote this CNBC report later on, let’s paint a picture of NFT NYC with their words. “Inside the Marriott Marquis nearby, where the conference has rented six floors, crowds […]

Snowden Reacts to Bitcoin’s New Price Milestone — Whistleblower Tweets ‘One w...

The price of bitcoin has just hit a historic milestone in a turbulent year, crossing the $20,000 threshold, refreshing its all-time high, and well-known crypto advocates such as Edward Snowden have been reacting to the news on social media. Snowden Reacts to Bitcoin All-Time Highs The famous American whistleblower published a brief but widely discussed statement among his followers on bitcoin: One word: bitcoin The tweet just came days after he also remembered his call on a BTC price comment he made back on March 13, 2020: This is the first time in a while I’ve felt like buying....

Taproot Is Live! The Community Reacts To Bitcoin’s First Upgrade Since 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a Taproot world. The update will enhance Bitcoin’s performance and enable smart contract deployment. Starting today, all transactions in the Bitcoin network look alike, improving privacy. It doesn’t even matter how the market reacts. It’s a great day for Bitcoin and the community is celebrating it as such, sharing […]

PayPal Rolls Out Crypto for All US Customers

Crypto Twitter reacts to the announcement and answers the question: Just how big a deal is this?

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Topping out around the 50-day EMA

Price at the time this article was written is: US$238.38. Last week the article began with: “The Bitcoin price continues to be range bound. This appears to be looking like the top of that range. Last week the price was ~$225 USD as of this writing and now its at $238 USD. It has attempted a few times to get above $240 USD, which is proving to be major resistance. This is where the 50-day exponential moving average now lies. In the last few days price has tried to stay above this level and hasn’t been able to.” There has been quite a bit of good news lately (itBit fully regulated, Goldman....