Bitcoin bull run is still in the early stages, key on-chain indicator shows

Bitcoin bull run is still in the early stages, key on-chain indicator shows

The Bitcoin rally is still at an early stage, according to one key metric, despite the overnight pullback. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) saw a minor correction on the day as the global stock market pulled back. The top cryptocurrency dropped by nearly 8% in the last 24 hours, retracing most of the gains it recorded during yesterday's rally on March 3.Bitcoin bull run is still at an early to mid stageAccording to William Clemente, a cryptocurrency analyst, Glassnode's Reserve Risk indicator shows that Bitcoin's rally is still in the early to middle stage.As Clemente explains, the Reserve Risk....

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The Mayer Multiple indicator suggests the bull market is still far from peaking, even as bitcoin closes in on its all-time high.

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