BTC Mining Pool Update

BTC Mining Pool Update

Microelectronics Technology Corporation (OTC Pink: MELY) (PINKSHEETS: MELY): The Company is pleased to provide an update of the Beta Testing of the company's BTC Mining Pool:

The company has targeted to end the Beta testing phase of the company's BTC Mining Pool: BTCpoolparty on Tuesday May 27, 2014.

Testing has gone as predicted with hash rates per machine and collectively as a group within acceptable performance parameters. Power consumption per machine is also within an acceptable range which will allow the company to forecast operating expenses during the build out of the first phase of 100 TH/s BTC mining capability. 

The company is currently preparing to order the first set of servers which will be finalized following the conclusion of beta testing approximately May 27, 2014.

The company upon finalization of the first order will have delivery time lines established for consistent delivery of new mining servers allowing the company to forecast its expansion schedule with performance milestones to be established at that time.

Bitcoin Mining: BTC

- The company is in development of a 100 TH/s mining pool.
- The company will be investing in the required hardware needed to provide the targeted 100 TH/s rate over the period of six to eight months.
- The company will be operating this cyber currency mining center in an open pool configuration allowing other miners to join the pool for a proportional percentage share of the mining pool production.

BTC Mining Pool:

About Dynamo Servers

Dynamo Servers provide dedicated servers to clients through our point of presence in Vancouver, Canada inside a carrier neutral facility owned and operated by Cologix Inc.

Dynamo Servers

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