GAW Miners Appoints Jonah Dorman as General Manager and Vice President

GAW Miners Appoints Jonah Dorman as General Manager and Vice President

GAW Miners, one of the world's foremost bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers and digital cloud mining providers, today announced the appointment of Jonah Dorman as general manager and vice president of the Company.

Having helped successfully launch PayCoin, the new crypto currency from GAW Miners, Jonah is already proving to be an integral team member and leader. A former military intelligence veteran, Jonah has been following the world of bitcoin since its inception. With his experience in running several crypto currency companies, including the recently acquired Lease Rig, Jonah plans to not only build on GAW Miners meteoric success, but also work to solidify and legitimize the industry as a whole.

"Everyone watching this space knows that GAW Miners is a major force with the potential of really changing the way we work with crypto currency," said Jonah Dorman.

"There is a real need to validate the space and after speaking with the executives at the Company, we quickly realized that we share the same philosophies. Our goals are to grow the business, and also bring regulation, transparency and increase the quality of customer service to stabilize the market. I am excited that I have found a home with visionaries looking towards the future for the better good of the industry."

"As a Company, GAW Miners is growing exponentially and changing the industry at an incredible pace. We needed to bring on a leader who shared our vision and passion for the space; someone who was willing to make push the boundaries through innovation," said Josh Garza, CEO and founder of GAW Miners.

"Jonah is a great asset to us. His reputation and experience will help us develop and execute a strategy that will change the way we all do business."

Jonah will work closely with the executive team out of corporate headquarters in Bloomfield CT.

About GAW Miners

Creators of cyber currency PayCoin, GAW Miners is also the fastest growing bitcoin mining technology provider, offering a range of world-class bitcoin mining hardware and cloud-based solutions. This includes Digital Cloud Mining (DCM) solutions, which are offered under the Hashlet, HashletGenesis, HashletSolo and HashletPrime brands. GAW Miners' bitcoin mining technology is in use around the world.

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