Texas Bitcoin Conference Hackathon and Rivetz Boost Developers to Augment Android's Blockchain Capabilities

Texas Bitcoin Conference Hackathon and Rivetz Boost Developers to Augment Android's Blockchain Capabilities

Texas Bitcoin Conference -- Rivetz (http://rivetz.com/) today announced its partnership with the Texas Bitcoin Conference's hackathon (http://texasbitcoinconference.com/) to provide Rivetz-enabled Android smartphones and technical expertise to the participating teams. The Rivetz SDK provides developers with the tools to leverage the embedded security capabilities in Android phones for any of the proposed projects. Rivetz also has agreed to contribute a provisioned Galaxy Note 4 and $10,000 in Rivetz services to the winning team.

The global focus on cyber security and identity creates great opportunities for many startup ideas and features. Blockchain technology is able to provide trusted execution on devices for identity management, providing a strong, secure foundation for innovation.

"We are pleased to have the Rivetz team participating in the hackathon and look forward to the great innovation and sleepless nights," said Paul Snow, the conference's president and organizer. With Rivetz technological backing, hackathon developers will be able to rest easy knowing that the conference's security cannot be compromised.

"So often, security is an afterthought. We are pleased to participate in the hackathon to show how security can be built in," said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz. "The market is ready for innovative solutions which leverage the advanced security capabilities of modern hardware."

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will take place in Austin, Texas, at the Moody Theater, home of Austin City Limits Live. The hackathon will take place from March 27 to 29, 2015.

About Rivetz

Rivetz Corp. is focused on solving problems associated with consumers' relationships with financial and other online services. Rivetz provides a safer and easier-to-use model for all users to protect their digital assets and online transactions using hardware-based device identity. The device plays a critical role in automating security and enabling the controls that users need to benefit from modern services. Rivetz leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to develop a modern model for users and their devices to interact with services on the Internet.

For more information about Rivetz, visit http://www.Rivetz.com/

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