American Banker Introduces Conference Focused on Implications of Digital Currencies

American Banker Introduces Conference Focused on Implications of Digital Currencies

American Banker will host a one-day conference in July that will bring financial services executives up to speed on how digital currencies like Bitcoin stand to reshape the payments landscape in the not-so-distant future.

The aim of the conference is to ensure that U.S. financial services executives — whose companies are deeply invested in traditional transaction accounts and payment devices — have the knowledge they need to understand and anticipate how digital currencies will change key markets like foreign exchange, remittances, online payments and more.

"Bitcoin, Ripple and other crypto-currencies, while in their infancy, have significant implications for all walks of financial services, from payments to securities trading to the recording of property titles,” says Marc Hochstein, Executive Editor, American Banker and conference chairman. “Our conference will cut through the sensationalism and rhetoric that have clouded the conversation around this technology and home in on the business possibilities opened up by decentralized electronic ledgers.”

Keynote speakers include Chris Larsen, Founder and CEO of Ripple Labs, and Jeremy Allaire, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Circle Internet Financial. Also on the agenda are banking industry leaders and thinkers including Lester Joseph, manager of Wells Fargo & Co.’s financial crimes intelligence group; Jordan Modell, CEO, Internet Archive Federal Credit Union; David Cotney, Commissioner of Banks, Massachusetts Division of Banks; George Peabody, senior partner, Glenbrook Partners; and David Potterton, research director, Cornerstone Advisors.

Perianne Boring, a financial industry consultant who blogs about Bitcoin for Forbes, will moderate a panel entitled, “The Nexus Between Bank and Bitcoin Companies.”

"Bitcoin is a disruptive technology with the potential to transform the payments industry. Without a bitcoin strategy, you run the risk of being left behind," says Boring.

The event will be held July 29, 2014 at Convene, 730 Third Ave in New York City.

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