SaffronCoin's Market Cap Rises 4041% Following Release of Breakthrough Features

SaffronCoin's Market Cap Rises 4041% Following Release of Breakthrough Features

"The first multi-algorithm coin to feature both X11 and Blake." Commitment to building integrated tools, robust merchant payment systems, accelerating ecommerce and investment opportunities.

SaffronCoin - SFR is one of the next generation crypto-currencies improving where Bitcoin and Litecoin left off bringing an enhanced technical feature set, increased security, faster transaction times and a wide array of business uses and investment opportunities. Read on for our 5 Reason To Invest In and Mine SaffronCoin

1. Innovative New Multi-Tasking Crypto-Currency Wallet – SaffronCoin Wallet Version 2.2.2 is the first wallet to include a tweet box, data feeds from crypto-currency exchanges and built-in IRC chat. The SaffronCoin wallet allows the coin owner / miner to access key information faster and from one application.

"A wallet should not be just your coin balance. It should be an easy to use interface to interact with the coin in every possible way.” - SaffronCoin Dev Team

2. Multiple Algorithms Securing The Network – Unlike many coins that support 2-3 algorithms SaffronCoin allows for mining and securing of the network across 5 algorithms: SHA-256d, Scrypt, Groestl, X11 and Blake. By supporting 5 algorithms SaffronCoin makes it possible for more people to mine this valuable new crypto-currency.

3. Coin Supply - SaffronCoin has a total capped supply of 111 million coins. The first 90 million can be mined in the first 20 years. SFR is non-inflationary. At present there are only 9.5 million SFR coins in circulation and the coin maintains a low difficulty for mining providing great opportunities for miners and investors.

4. Development Team – The SaffronCoin Dev Team is a dedicated group of entrepreneurs and owners of ecommerce sites. They are currently developing a merchant payment system around SaffronCoin with plans to integrate with their own network of sites and portfolio of client owned ecommerce sites.

Future plans include creation of a Crypto-Currency Exchange to trade SaffronCoin against Euros, Rupees, USD and other Currencies as well as build out a network of physical ATM's. The SFR Dev team is currently exploring development of an encrypted real-time messaging / chat system within the Multi-Tasking Wallet to connect with people and transfer coins instantly.

5. Flexibility – SaffronCoin has the flexibility to add the most demanding algorithms and features in the future. Just 1 month after the coin's release SaffronCoin underwent a HardFork to add the 2 hottest algorithms; X11 and Blake. The inclusion of Blake allows for merged mining with other crypto-currencies in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in and mine SaffronCoin early on and get involved with the loyal Community.

SaffronCoin SFR is currently available for trading on Bittrex CryptoCurrency Exchange:

More information about SaffronCoin:

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