Bit by Bit: Bitcoin Currency Now Accepted by Act Bold Media Group

Bit by Bit: Bitcoin Currency Now Accepted by Act Bold Media Group

Local Manhattan Beach digital marketing agency, Act Bold Media Group, is pleased to announce the company will be accepting bitcoin currency as payment for services, effective February 1, 2014.

Act Bold Media Group offers Pay Per Click (PPC) management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), high-quality web development, and graphic design to companies seeking a bold approach to their business marketing.

Act Bold offers expertise in the areas of website design and development, utilizing a team of web designers ready to meet the needs of their client base. They also offer marketing services ranging from PPC advertising, management of local and national SEO campaigns, and more.

The new currency offered by Act Bold, bitcoins, are an open-source digital currency owned by the public that can be used anywhere on the planet to pay for products or services. Payments are traded in instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions, and there is no fee to use or accept the currency. Bitcoin currency is a safe and reliable option gaining world-wide acceptance, and is currently being used by companies such as and TigerDirect.

Chief Information Officer, Eitan Zimmerman, believes accepting the new currency is in line with their vision for customer growth and convenience.

“Our company focuses on innovative and exciting marketing strategies, and our currency should match our cutting edge techniques. Accepting bitcoin was a natural next step to growing the company, while also giving our clients a pioneering form of payment.”

Consumers interested in Act Bold’s digital or web development services can visit their website at or contact them at (888) 699-3266 for more information. Consumers with questions regarding bitcoin currency should visit the bitcoin website at

Act Bold digital marketing agency employs proven techniques to draw traffic to client websites, helping them stand out in a sea of company startups. The company operates out of Manhattan Beach, California.

For information, consumers should visit Act Bold at

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